Gilbert Speaks with Ordained Minister and Medium, Beth Obrien

30 Jun


I’ve known Beth for several years now. She is a gentle soul who wants to help the people who seek her services. What is a medium and how are they able to help the living and the dead? Find out after the jump as Beth explains all.

Gilbert: What attracted you to the spiritual world?

Beth Obrien: What first attracted me to the spiritual world was at the age of four, I saw my great grandfather’s spirit. Also the house I grew up in in Clementon NJ was haunted. I would feel and sense things in that house. Later, when we moved to Tabernacle, I saw the spirit of an Indian girl in my bedroom. I was always getting told by friends and relatives that I was too sensitive. But, as a psychic and empath, I was always picking up the emotions of the living and dead. After a while, I had a feeling I didn’t belong on this earth.

Gilbert: Did people believe you when you told them that you could see spirits?

Beth Obrien: When I saw my great grandfather, I was too young to even know who he was, or that he was a spirit. When I was a bit older, I described the man I had seen, but my mother dismissed it because her grandfather had died before I was born.

I was eleven years old when we moved to the home in Clementon NJ. I was afraid to go into the cellar. I had no explanation as to why when my family asked, but I was definitely frightened. One day as I was walking down the cement steps that led to the basement, I felt something shove me, causing me to topple down those steps. Years after we moved from that home, I learned that a man had committed suicide in that basement.

When we moved into the home in Tabernacle, I encountered a young Indian girl spirit in the home. Although she never tried to harm me, I was frightened. As I got older and understood my gifts, I understood that the spirits were only trying to communicate with me.


Gilbert: What are the services that you’ll be offering to your clients at the Halo Wellness Center?

Beth Obrien: I will be offering a crystal bowl meditation class.

Gilbert: Why do you do what you do? What do your clients get from this experience and what do you get from this experience?

Beth Obrien: I do the spiritual work to help people heal in some way and to give closure and comfort to people whose family members or friends have crossed over to Heaven. What I get from doing the spiritual work is that it just feels good to be able to help as many people as I can.

beth 2

Gilbert: Can you give a short explanation of each service you offer?

Beth Obrien: I do angel card/psychic readings and Mediumship readings to where I can channel the spirits of loved ones who have crossed over. I am also a Reiki Master which is universal healing that is channeled through the practitioner. I am also an Ordained Minister. I became a minister because of the spiritual work that I’m already doing. This October, I will be officiating a wedding for a close friend.

I am also a Ghost investigator. I help people when I’m called to their private homes to let them know that they are not crazy, and to give them peace of mind. I do historical places to raise money so that they can stay open for the public to enjoy.

Gilbert: What are some of the classes you teach?

Beth Obrien: I teach Tea leaf reading classes, psychometry/object reading classes and psychic protection classes.

beth 4


Gilbert: How can clients contact you?

Beth Obrien: You can reach me on my Facebook page “Spiritual Healing Through Guidance” or Beth Harper Obrien. 609-760-2457

Gilbert: Thank you for doing this interview, Beth. I’m thankful that you are in my life. I’ve learned a lot about the spiritual world from you.

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  1. MG WELLS June 30, 2017 at 8:56 pm #

    Excellent post. Loved it so much. Enjoy and best wishes.

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