Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E05

28 Jun


On this week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Alicia is questioning the value of life ever since she witnessed Travis die and, Madison and Troy find a new enemy.

Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

The title is from a poem by Charles Bukowski and fittingly fits with this episode, for when the apocalypse hits, and it will, how will the elderly manage civilization’s demise? If they are baby boomers like me, then I think they’ll do fine because we were raised by the best generation…those who survived the Great Depression. But, living under dire conditions does have its drawbacks and when Russell’s wife Martha turns, Russell wants to end their long life together with a dance. Luckily for Russell, Martha removed her false teeth before she turned. After the dance, Russell puts an end to both their lives and accidently sets the house on fire.


Nick not only helps to put out the fire, but he helps Otto rebuild the house. There is a bond building between these two men. Nick learned carpentry from his father and he seems to enjoy working with his hands. Otto has taken a liking to the boy and tells him about the custom of hanging a gun over the door. Right now, Nick’s not into guns, but I have a feeling that will soon change.


Maybe it’s because Nick and Otto share an addiction; Nick with drugs and Otto with alcohol, but Otto felt comfortable telling Nick how he and his wife, during a drinking spree, locked little Troy in the basement and forgot all about him. The kid was prone to uncontrollable crying jags, but that might be due to his mother’s drinking during pregnancy, or it might be due to the bad parenting of both his parents. Maybe it’s the reason that Troy turned out to be the neighborhood sociopath.

Nick is torn between staying with his mother and sister at Otto’s Ranch and leaving with Luciana. Even when Nick treats Lucians to a candlelit diner inside Russell’s home, it’s just not enough of a temptation to get her to stay. Nick was offering her a life by his side and this was the most mature thing this kid has done so far, but Luciana wanted no part of the ranch.


Luciana’s heading out on her own makes absolutely no sense at all. Yes, I know that she is the only non-white person in what appears to be the apocalyptic version of an Alt-right community, but she also knows that Nick is in love with her and that he has her back. So why leave? Why risk surviving alone against walkers, or and this is much worse, encountering men who would take advantage of her?


This kid is totally lost, and it’s due to several reasons. The apocalypse takes away normal and Alicia is at an age where she craves normal, but instead she’s had to watch people she cared about die. Has anyone taken the time to talk to her about Travis? I don’t think so and his death has taken away whatever joy she might have squirreled away since the stumbling dead appeared at her door.


But, the hormones are still in play and Alicia does a bit of flirting with Jake, which is good because I really like this guy. Apparently, Alicia likes Jake too, and later sleeps with him. But when Jake tries to talk about the importance of poetry and art, Alicia doesn’t think beauty is really worth it when you’re smackdab in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Let’s hope that Jake can change her mind.


I’m not sure if Madison is keeping close to Troy to see what makes him tick, but she joins Troy and his men to search for the missing search team that went looking for whoever shot down the helicopter. Troy is not a good leader and that is soon apparent when he makes a detour to kill a herd. Madison almost became lunch on this little escapade but worse was soon to follow. They find signs of a scuffle and deduce that Phil and the other scouts met up with trouble.


Tonight’s episode was much more “Walking Dead” worthy. The only down side was the scenes with Strand and Daniel. Did Daniel really expect to find his daughter so quickly? And after they arrive at the hotel, did Daniel actually expect to find Ofelia there? Daniel is an assassin and he was in the military. He should be well aware of his daughter’s capabilities or lack of. I felt that the writers could have spent more time on the newest antagonists of the series.


It might very well take a zombie apocalypse for Native Americans to eventually reclaim the land that was stolen from them by the white man, but if this does happen, I’m definitely on their side. We now know who shot down the helicopter when Team Troy meets up with some very angry Native Americans who are still into scalping.


The stage is set for upcoming episodes in this season when Team Troy find the burned bodies of the search team and Phil. It was a shocker to see Phil, who’d been scalped, babbling incoherently as a crow fed on his exposed brain. Luckily, Madison handles this swiftly. Walker, the tribe’s leader, wants the ranch, but for now, he only takes Team Troy’s weapons and boots. The trip back to the ranch is long and painful, but Troy won’t allow his men to rest. Madison has to step in and challenge him.


Madison will have more than Walker and his people to worry about. Troy is a very dangerous young man, and even though Madison was able to talk Troy out of slitting her throat this time, I’d sleep with one eye open from now on.

See you next week, my little walker snacks.


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