Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E03

26 Jun


On this week’s episode of “Orphan Black” Alison struggles with her place in life and her importance to the seestras.

Beneath Her Heart

Sisters: definition: from Merriam Webster Dictionary, we get this: a female who has one or both parents in common with another…but for Orphan Black’s seestras, I prefer the Urban Dictionary’s definition better: your sister is the girl that will always be there for you and may save you one day, if you know it or not. Your sister may or may not be related to you, and could just be an amazing friend. Your sister is always slow to judge and quick to forgive. She will always love you, even if she hides it from you.


Every fan of Orphan Black has their own personal clone that they might favor over the others, but no matter who is our favorite; we love them all. How could you not? Helena and Alison have always been my favorites because they are always the ones that come to the rescue: Helena with her “Mad Max” attitude; Alison with her “Mother knows best” bag of tricks.

Rachel struck a nasty blow to Alison’s sense of worth when she hints that Alison is the least useful for Westmoreland’s Neolution plans. Alison isn’t a scientist like Cosima, and she isn’t able to have children like Sarah and Helena…damn even MK with her hacking skills, according to Rachel, is more important than our favorite Ninja Soccer Mom. While Rachel’s henchmen search the Hendrix’s house, we get a flashback into Alison’s life before she met Sarah, Felix, and Cosima.


As Donnie gets ready for his performance at the church Fall Fun Fest, we get to peek in on a dinner party which includes Aynsley and Chad Norris. Aynsley and Alison are not only good neighbors, but best friends. Their lives revolve around family and running children to their appointed after-school-games. It’s a slice of suburbia: cookie-cutter-homes; green lawns; backyard barbeques, and extreme boredom that can be dulled with a few puffs of weed.

Orphan Black

Donnie plays designated driver while Alison and her neighbors get really stoked. When we watch how close Alison and Aynsley are back in the days, we see a different side to Alison. One that wasn’t as self-assured as she pretended to be. The scene where Alison and Aynsley are looking up at the stars, and questioning their place in the universe, was the most touching of the episode.

How many of us have done the same and wondered, “Is this all that there is?” Alison and Aynsley were BFF’s, but that was before Alison learned about clones and monitors…and it was before Alison had an affair with Chad. We understand all the more now just how shocking it was that Alison did nothing as Aynsley met her maker via scarf and garbage disposal. We also get to witness the first meeting between Cosima and Alison. I’m wondering if this is when Alison realizes that life will never be the same for her again and that her suburbia life is nothing more than a fantasy.


Alison, for the first time, has lost sense of her identity. She feels useless thanks to Rachel’s remark, and she’s also been demoted from orchestrating the Fall Fun Fest. After finding a bottle of lorazepam in her craft room, Alison heads over to the fair while Donnie is faced with a summons to allow the police to search his home.

Donnie, although I didn’t like this character at first, has become a true protector of all the clones, but especially, for Alison and Helena. Art is forced to stand back and watch as Enger plants incriminating evidence in the Hendrix garage, but when Enger digs up the cement flooring in the garage and finds a decapitated body, Art is prepared to kill a fellow officer to protect the clones.


So much was going on in this episode that it was important not to overlook the most important sequences. What the hell is going on with Kira? Why has she turned away from her mother and put her trust in Auntie Rachel? What does Kira intend to do with that knife? Thank goodness we learn that Helena is safe. She’s staying at the orphanage where she was raised and, I’m betting the nuns will think twice before touching her again.


While Ramone and Alison share some whiskey and drugs, Alison’s drug-loaded iced tea finds its way into Donnie’s hands right before his performance. The dance scene disaster was a hoot especially when the audience got a good look at Donnie’s private parts. But, Alison came to the rescue and gave the snoots a piece of her mind. Isn’t it funny how it’s always the bible thumpers that are the biggest sinners and hypocrites? Alison is part of a sisterhood that would shock the congregation to their very roots.


Alison has found her mojo and she’ll never, ever question her worth again. To stop Rachel from terrorizing her family, she gives Rachel a gift…Leekie’s head. Alison is on a mission to find her true purpose. Hopefully, it will include the destruction of Dyad and all it stands for.


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