Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 Finale

23 Jun


I always end the books in my science fiction Roof Oasis Series with a cliffhanger. My fans love it because they are so invested in the story. But…what does the cliffhanger used to end the third season of “Fargo” tell us? Find out after the jump

Somebody to Love

While the anal-retentive IRS agent, Larue Dollard (Hamish Linklater), carefully surveys the mountain of evidence before him, Gloria is typing up her resignation letter to her idiotic superior. But Gloria’s escape from incompetency is put on hold after Dollard calls her. Nikki has given the tower of dominos one final shove, and we watch with anticipation as it topples over, piece by piece. She even included Gloria’s name inside the incriminating tax records of Stussy Inc. When Dollard mentions Varga’s name, Gloria’s resignation is put on hold.

From the very start, this season’s story was a ballet performance between good and evil. Yes, we had our main characters on stage: Emmit, Ray, Nikki, Officer Lopez, Sy, Meemo, Yuri, and Mrs. Goldfarb…but the real stars of this ballet are Officer Gloria Burgle and V.M. Varga. While there was no ignoring Varga’s presence in every scene due to his abnormal personal rituals, or his bone chilling threats levied within confusing fables, Gloria Burgle seemed to live in a vacuum where even electronic sensors ignored her existence.


The story of Emmit and Ray (Ewan McGregor) was a teaching moment on sibling relationships. Emmit loved his little brother, but always considered Ray as less worthy. Why else would he cheat Ray out of their father’s fortune? Emmit’s greed lost him everything, even his business. He had become a pawn in Varga’s master plan.


He dutifully signs away all control of his business until Varga makes a comment comparing Emmit to food. I had almost expected Emmit to pull the trigger after wrestling the gun away from Meemo. He doesn’t and after he awakens from that clunk to his noggin with that damn stamp stuck to his forehead, he heads over to his business to find Mrs. Goldfarb setting up shop. Yes, Karma has arrived and Emmit is played just like he played Ray.


I loved Nikki who was played fabulously by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I’ve always felt that there was a good backstory to the Queen of Bridge that was never fully fleshed out. What was her life like before she met and fell in love with Ray? I have this feeling that for most of her life, Nikki was a victim of circumstances beyond her control. That all changed after she met Ray. Maybe, if Emmit would have just handed over that stinking stamp in the first place, Nikki and Ray would still be alive, in love, and doing a flurry of Bridge Tournaments.


In the season finale, Nikki and her new friend Mr. Wrench have an appointment to keep with Varga and his henchmen. Did Nikki feel more emboldened after her encounter with the mysterious Mr. Marrane? What we do know is that Nikki and Mr. Wrench are very good at ambushes.


This man represented all that is evil with just his smile. David Thewlis played his Varga as a self-contained mystery with no beginning and no end. This is an antagonist worth his weight in gold because this was a character that lived off the follies of other men. Varga was a parasite who moved in on unsuspecting companies, then drained them dry before moving on. But, as Mr. Dollard had noted, Varga did this without paying taxes. Uncle Sam doesn’t like it when you don’t pay taxes. The law could now go after Varga, but they’ll have to get in line.


Varga ignored Meemo’s instinct that they were heading into a trap. He did not count on Nikki’s loyalty to Ray. He didn’t know about Mr. Wrench. After receiving a text from the IRS stating that they had all his files, Varga barely escapes the shootout. That viper left his men behind as a sacrifice. Never underestimate a sociopath’s ability to get out of trouble, or an elevator.


Nikki didn’t want Varga’s money. She wanted revenge. After taking a small sum from the briefcase, Nikki tells Wrench to keep the rest of the money. She has a message from Paul Marrane to deliver. I really thought Nikki would complete her mission, then vanish into the world of never-ending-tournaments. She had Emmit right where she wanted him. But, before she could recite the sacred verse, a State Trooper pulls up.


Time stood still as the officer ordered Nikki to stay put. Why, oh why did she reach for that shotgun? Did she hope to become a kitten like Ray? I was upset to see the officer killed. I have family who work in law enforcement, but I was equally shocked to see Nikki die. The officer had been able to get one lucky shot in. Gloria is at the crime scene when the dead officer and Nikki are placed inside the Coroner’s Van.

Karma arrives when least expected. And as the mysterious Marrane (Ray Wise) predicted via Obadiah 1:4, bad people are always brought down in the end. Five years have passed. Emmit gets to go back to his wife, and after serving some time, his life. We find him enjoying a meal with family and friends. Sy, not fully recovered from his poisoning, is also there. Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard) must have taken a real liking to Nikki….and she made him rich. He returned the favor with a bullet to the back of Emmit’s skull. KARMA!


Varga had assumed he was in the clear when he returned to Minneapolis. He had a new name: Rand. But the facial recognition that Homeland Security uses to catch terrorists brings Varga face to face with Gloria Burgle once again. She is wearing a new uniform: Homeland Security. Gloria is looking forward to eating fried Snickers bars at the State Fair with her son. Varga claims that in five minutes, someone powerful will come through that door to free him, but Gloria tells him that he is destined for prison. Will Karma side with Gloria? The season ends with us watching the clock and the door.

We are left with two cliffhangers: Will someone come through that door to free Varga? Will there be a season four for Fargo? In my mind, I see Gloria Burgle putting Varga behind bars. I always see the glass as half-full. I have no control over creator Noah Hawley’s desire to come up with another successful season. I’m hoping that Hawley finds a desirable script and goes forward with a fourth season. God knows that he has plenty of material with our corrupt political system and, our Twitter addicted president.


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