Gilbert Speaks on “American Gods” Season One Finale

19 Jun


The War is on! It’s the season finale of “American Gods” and Wednesday and Shadow crash a party to enlist the help of an old god. Ostara, aka Easter, aka Goddess of the Dawn is one tough cookie and you’d better not piss her off. Will Mr. Nancy help with the negotiations? Find out after the jump.

Come to Jesus

Holy Easter Baskets! The fans of American Gods were given a kick-ass finale dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with one of the most interesting characters to bring season one to a close. Kristin Chenoweth was such a delight to watch as she entertained her guests at the Easter brunch. Although Ostara aka Easter is an old god and her celebration has more to do with rebirth and planting seeds for a new harvest, she does share her holiday with Jesus. In fact, she shares her holiday with a whole truckload of saviors. But as Wednesday constantly explains to Shadow Moon, there is a personal Jesus for everyone and every need.


Before Wednesday’s and Shadow’s arrival to the brunch, they visit Mr. Nancy’s tailor shop to get fancy suits made. Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) treats them to a story about the goddess Bilquis. We witness a massive orgy by her followers who rejoice in her feminine power and sexuality. Men weren’t always afraid of feminine power, but the ones who are, have gone to extremes to take away any powers associated with the feminine persona. This message is important because the gods rely on human belief in them to exist. Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) was witness to Iran becoming an Islamic republic and the men who fear sexually active women.


Bilquis was a queen, a goddess, but with the never-ending war against women’s equality, she eventually becomes a homeless person living on the streets of Hollywood. Technical Boy hands her a smartphone and a chance to reclaim her power. The dating app on her phone allows her to connect to a multitude of easy prey and Bilquis decides to align herself with the New Gods.


The story along with the stunning orgy scenes that Bilquis partakes in serve only to re-inforce the urgency for Wednesday to find a queen to join his team. After a chilly greeting from Ostara, Wednesday attempts to charm the goddess into fighting by his side. He lies about Vulcan and blames the god’s death on his enemies. While Shadow carries on a conversation with Jesus (Jeremy Davies) about belief, two uninvited guests show up.

Mad Sweeney

I’m really getting to enjoy the leprechaun. Sweeney had hoped for a resurrection for Laura, but as Easter explains to both Sweeney and Laura, her hands are tied because Laura was killed by a god. Laura is rotting away and I don’t know how long her flesh will stay connected especially since she’s coughing up maggots. I was happy that Laura didn’t take revenge on Sweeney for her death. After all, Sweeney was just following orders but the realization that Wednesday had arranged everything wrong in her life including Shadow’s going to jail, makes for one angry wife.


Even though Media played by Gillian Anderson is supposed to be the bad guy, I can’t help but love this character. This time Media arrives dressed as Judy Garland from the film “Easter Parade. Media is joined by Technical Boy and Mr. World as she explains to Ostara, in a noticeably threatening tone, that atheism is on the rise and soon no one will need her. If the world stops believing in Jesus, then they will no longer celebrate the holiday…Goodbye to Easter.


As bubbly and perky as the delightful Kristin Chenoweth plays her Ostara, she does one hell of a job showing her dark side too. The danger of pissing of the goddess of the Dawn is widespread famine. We are witness to the reverse of spring and rebirth and it’s not a pretty sight.

Wednesday reveals, in a mighty flash of power that kills Media’s henchmen, that he is the god Odin. Wednesday asks Shadow Moon if he believes. All this time, Shadow chalked up the things that he saw to either dreams or hallucinations, but after this latest display of godly power, Shadow has no recourse but to believe. Before Wednesday can celebrate Shadow’s conversion, Laura shows up and demands to speak to her husband.


Wednesday took plenty from Laura because he needed Shadow Moon by his side, but Laura has a plan forming inside her decaying little skull, and it has to do with what Wednesday has to lose? Bilquis is on a bus heading to Wisconsin, but we’ll need to wait until the next season to find out what happens there.

I’ll be looking forward to reviewing Season Two for my friends.


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