Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E02

18 Jun


We finally get to meet the old geezer, Westmoreland, but life for our clones has gone from bad to worse. The situation calls for a fail-proof plan. Unfortunately, on this episode of “Orphan Black” there are no guarantees.

Clutch of Greed

What exactly are Rachel’s plans now that she’s the new spokesperson for Westmoreland? Sarah has been captured by Team Neolution and wakes up to find Ferdinand gloating over her situation. Sarah is made an offer she can’t refuse: play nice or lose your family. If Sarah expected a united front from her sisters, she’s shocked to learn via skype that Alison, Art and Cosima have already agreed to the armistice. At least Alison is playing dumb about Helena’s and Donnie’s whereabouts…but that Engers is getting on my last nerves and I’m hoping that Alison introduces Engers to the garbage disposal, and soon.


Rachel is trying to mend fences by offering Sarah a truce along with a cup of tea, but Sarah quickly slaps both from Rachel’s hand. The entrance of Kira and Mrs. S, and the promise from Rachel that they can go home temporarily has Sarah agreeing. But nothing is simple with Rachel, who demands regularly scheduled meetings with the child. Rachel wants to study Kira’s physiology. Although Sarah is against Kira being used as a lab rat, Kira is all for it.



Kira is excited to be back in school and with her little playmates. After what this child has seen, school is the only safe place for her. Kira calls Rachel, Auntie, and we gather she’s not the least upset with Rachel sharing custody with Sarah. In fact, Kira seems determined to know more about her specialness.


Of all the clones, Helena is my #1 favorite. We all need a Helena in our lives to fight our boogeymen, real or imagined. Donnie, played delightfully by Kristian Bruun, seems to have more fun with Helena than he does with his wife, Alison. With his wife, Donnie has to be an adult, but with Helena…Donnie is on the adventure of a lifetime. These two characters together crack me up.


Donnie had quickly gotten Helena the medical attention that she needed: hospital care; ultrasounds, and punctured wounds tended to. But the doctor’s insistence that they need to test the amniotic sac of the injured fetus after it healed on its own, warn both Donnie and Helena that the doctor is acting suspiciously. After Donnie is escorted from the room, Helena does what she does best, and escapes…hospital gown flapping in the wind.


Ferdinand has the masochist/sadistic relationship with Rachel, but since Rachel has met Westmoreland, she’s not into the games any longer.

Ferdinand (James Frain)


Ferdinand has always been a cruel man, but after Rachel disses him, his uncontrollable anger leaves us shocked. Kudos to James Frain for this superb piece of acting.


We finally meet the man who created the clones. Cosima meets P.T. Westmoreland (Stephen McHattie) and he recites a poem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to her. Westmoreland’s home and clothing are from the Victorian past, but his science is definitely advanced.


Cosima is hoping that the cure is working on her, but she knows that her family is in peril and that is the carrot that Westmoreland holds over her head. I have so many questions about this man. How was Westmoreland able to live so long? What are his plans for the clones? Is he planning on making more clones?


Did we really expect Team Sarah to pull off the kidnapping of Kira without a hitch? It was a good plan, but in the end, Kira called the shots. This was a rather hard episode to watch. M.K. had come back to help Sarah, but the same disease that was killing Cosima was also killing her. When Sarah, dressed like Rachel, runs to Felix’s apartment with Ferdinand close on her trail, M.K. offers to take her place. While Sarah reunites with Kira, Mrs. S and Felix, Ferdinand takes out all his frustrations (Rachel’s dissing, Sarah’s kidnapping Kira, life in general) on poor M.K. and brutally stomps her to death. This was unexpected, and thus, all the more shocking to the viewer.


We don’t know what to expect from Orphan Black because this is the last season for the series. There are no rules to adhere to in season 5, and what will happen next is anyone’s guess. Sarah surely never expected her daughter, Kira, to prefer living with Auntie Rachel to staying with her…but that is exactly what Kira did. Rachel smirks as she leads the child away…Rachel scores another win.

We are left to wonder about Delphine’s surprise visit to Mrs. S, but the one thing we will never doubt is the unbelievable talent of Tatiana Maslany as she single-handedly brings many distinct characters to life. Vivez les Clones!


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