Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E09

16 Jun


Emmit Stussy wants to confess, and Gloria Burgle wants the name of the man pulling his strings. Nikki strikes up a deal, and someone is hunting down people named Stussy. Who survives on this week’s Fargo? Meet me after the jump.


In literature, aporia is an expression on insincere doubt. The doubts may appear as rhetorical questions often in the beginning of the text. Or as V.M. Varga states to Emmit, “The problem is not that there is evil in the world, the problem is that there is good…because otherwise who would care?”


What V.M Varga fails to note is that there is a determined female officer on his trail and that she does care. She cares a lot. Gloria is the good to Varga’s evil, but the road to vindication is a lonely one. Gloria is dealing with one of the dumbest superior officers of all time, but Sheriff Dammick’s incompetence will eventually come to bite him in the ass. Isn’t this what we wish whenever we are burdened by clueless and negative bosses? Will Karma, in the persona of Paul Marrane, make another much needed drop in?

Emmit is at the police station confessing to Gloria, but Varga has plans to confuse the investigation, one innocent Stussy at a time. How devious this man can be is revealed when he convinces a criminal to throw off the scent of the enclosing bloodhounds by killing different people with the same last name as Emmit and using the same grisly methods. We’re not told how Varga got this criminal to take the fall, but whatever was promised, I’m positive Varga won’t pay.

Officer Lopez is the first one on the scene for one of the unfortunate victims. She gives Gloria a head’s up, but fate is fickle as we soon learn. Emmit tells Gloria the story about the stamps and the red Corvette. He was the older brother, who knowingly took advantage of his younger sibling. Emmit wants to be arrested. He knows he is so much safer in jail than anywhere near Varga and his grandmother’s tea. I feel so sorry for Emmit right now because he lost his brother and Sy because he put greed before family. He’s not a bad man, but he isn’t a good man either.


I’ve grown to love the character of Nikki over this season. I thought her a gold-digger but Nikki truly loved Ray and saw that he was the butt of his brother’s greed. They needed capital to fund their Bridge Tournaments. They, her and Ray, were the ideal team…with Ray dead, Mr. Wrench has become her protector.


With Emmit at the police station, Varga orders that king-sized trailer moved. Meemo is driving. At a stoplight, the passenger side window is broken and a hand grenade is tossed inside. What a freaking welcome sight to see Nikki and Wrench get the upper hand, Varga’s truck and the valuable information inside Varga’s briefcase.


I wasn’t sure what would take place at that meeting with Varga, but hell-in-a-teabag, I never, ever expected Nikki to outfox the wolf. Varga has met his match with both Gloria and Nikki. Nikki, like the fabled Cheshire cat, smiles sweetly but refuses the offer of Varga’s personal tea. She wants the money.


Varga tries to win over Nikki with a job offer, but Nikki’s received a few brutal on-the-job benefits already from his henchmen. While Varga tries a few of his mind games on Nikki, her partner Mr. Wrench gets the drop on Meemo who has a rifle pointed at her. Nikki did warn Varga that she is the Queen of Bridge and she knows all the moves. Sure Varga’s use of multiple men wearing trench coats was a bit sly fox on his part, but in the end, it is Nikki and Wrench who sashay out of the lobby.


Gloria is us! She is all of us who do the right thing, and follow the rules, and play by the book only to be ignored or belittled by men and automatic sensors. After Sheriff Dumb Ass Dammick tells Gloria to release Emmit because they’ve found the real killer, she goes to a bar to drown her sorrows. Gloria knows what will happen to Emmit once Varga gets his nasty hands on him. Like Emmit feared, Varga was outside waiting to take him home. It’s a good thing that Winnie Lopez shows up to counter Gloria’s feelings of worthlessness.


Gloria brings up the book that her stepfather wrote. She compares herself to the little android. Gloria feels invisible, but that hug from Winnie Lopez must have set the universe back on track because the equipment in the bathroom let Gloria know that she isn’t invisible any longer.

There is Karma. It’s real and when it comes to collect the dues, you better hope that you are on the side of good. Was it Karma that delivered that envelope to Larue Dollard, the IRS agent? Who will win this battle between good and evil? I’m guessing that the Wolf (Varga) will be tricked by Peter (Gloria) with the help of Lopez and Nikki and the only way for him to escape prison is to drink his grandmother’s tea.


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