Gilbert Speaks n “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E03

14 Jun


Travis is dead! But, people never really stay dead on “Fear the Walking Dead” This week, Team Clark adjusts to their new home and we meet an old friend.


Who shot down the helicopter? That should be the question of the day because the shooter is still out there. Team Madison is feeling the hostility from the members of the community. Are they blaming the newcomers for Charlene’s death? The community is suspicious of the newcomers, but with Travis dead Madison is forced to call the shots. Although her children are ready to leave, Madison is attempting to blend in.

The Otto family has been getting ready for the end of the world for a very long time. Jeremiah had been selling prepper buckets long before the first walker had taken its first bite. I know many people think that preppers are a bit crazy, but they will be the ones to survive when the dog doo hits the fan. Rule #1 is to be prepared for everything that fate throws at you. We see from Jeremiah’s videos that he wasn’t a very nice husband or father.

Madison tells Jeremiah about Troy and what he did to them before Jake rescued them. We learn that alcohol played a big part in his wife’s death. Madison tells Jeremiah that she’s no stranger to the trauma of alcohol and drug abuse so she understands where Jeremiah is coming from. In an attempt to win over the community, Madison encourages Alicia to join the Bible Study Group. Nick wants no part of the ranch, and he’s out of there as soon as Luciana’s wounds heal.


Holy Governor! Bible study turns into a night of smoking weed and talking to Geoff. The kids have a pet. It’s kept inside a birdcage. It’s a walker’s head and they ask Geoff questions like you would the Magic Black-Eight-Ball.


It’s hilarious until you realize these teenagers have no clue what’s going on in the outside world. Alicia may become their new leader after she tells them that she’s already killed someone and that is was easy to do so.


Troy is not at all happy that Nick is on the ranch, but if he wants to get rid of Nick, it has to look like an accident. Wild boars are attacking the veggies so Troy invites Nick to the hunting party. After Troy jumps him, Nick gets control of the situation. Troy is a troubled young man and I’m guessing closer to sociopath kind of troubled. When Nick holds a gun to his head, Troy wants him to document how long it takes for him to turn. No one dies this night, but does Troy really believe that Nick wants to be his friend?


Thankfully, we get a reprieve from the ranch to check on Strand who encounters an old friend from the past. The old ways of doing business are gone and Dante has no need for men like Strand.


It’s a cruel world out there and the only thing that kept Dante from tossing Strand from the wall was Strand’s ability to talk his way out of a bad situation.


Troy is a sociopath, but Jeremiah is okay with this because an apocalypse is where sociopaths shine. After Jeremiah shows Madison his pantry, she comes up with a plan. Troy needs mothering. If Madison displays some maternal love to the sicko, will it safeguard her children? Your guess is as good as mine.


The true surprise of the episode, other than our introduction to Geoff is to learn that Daniel Salazar is still alive and looking out for Strand. What a pleasure to see Ruben Blades back in the series.

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