Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E08

9 Jun


On last week’s episode of “Fargo” we watched in shock as Varga’s men attacked the prison bus to get to Nikki. In this episode, we watch a miracle take place. Does Karma hang out at a bowling alley? Find out after the jump.

Who Rules the Land of Denial?

The action was kicked up several welcomed notches this week as Nikki’s life was saved by the silent man sitting next to her. Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard), the partner of Mr. Numbers from Fargo’s season one, is handcuffed to the unconscious Nikki as Yuri and another henchmen climb into the disabled bus. Wrench is a mob assassin and wise to the ways of death and he knows that there will be no witnesses left to talk after he witnesses Yuri killing the armed guard. Wrench needs to escape, but there is one little problem; Nikki. Luckily, Wrench is able to convince Nikki to help in their escape, but they barely make it out of the bus.


Nikki, who knows damn well just how dangerous Varga’s henchmen are, allows Wrench to guide the way to freedom. When she realizes that Wrench is deaf, she must learn quickly how to communicate urgent messages like: Holy shit; quiet; run! It’s not hard for her to place her trust in this mysterious savior. He’s no run-of-the-mill common criminal and it soon becomes apparent to Nikki that Wrench is capable of keeping them alive as they try to outrun Yuri and his friend.


The Russian Mob…we’ve seen enough films about this group of vipers to know that they don’t fear the law and lack anything resembling human emotions or fairness. When a car passes the accident scene, the hapless couple is quickly eliminated…an act that helps the U.S. Marshals connect the dots later in the episode. Yuri (Goran Bogdan) is not accustomed to his prey escaping, and he sure as hell isn’t accustomed to being outsmarted by said prey. Was it a stroke of luck for Nikki to be handcuffed to Wrench…or was it fate?

After killing the hunters that accidently shot an arrow into his wolf hat, Yuri and friend finally track down Nikki and Wrench as they chop through their chain with an axe. It looked like a sure kill for Yuri, but maybe it was Yuri’s over confidence that caused him to lose his partner and his ear. Wrench and Nikki break free of their chain in a most bloody way, and Wrench’s axe finds its target.


I love Ray Wise from his Twin Peaks character, and tonight’s episode seemed a bit like Twin Peaks after Nikki and Wrench find their way to a bowling alley. We know that Nikki truly cared for Ray, but she hasn’t had time to grieve. She does at the bowling alley when Paul Marrane (Ray Wise) hands her a kitten named Ray. This is the same man that Gloria met in Hollywood. This man sure gets around, but maybe he’s more than a man.


Ray has been reincarnated into the cat, or so we’re led to believe after Paul tells Nikki a story about souls that are unable to find a body. Paul then tells Nikki the story of a massacre that took place in 1768. It was Yuri’s people who massacred the Jews in Uman. As Nikki bonds with the little cat, Paul gives Nikki a message to deliver to the wicked. The verse which is from the bible tells of the destruction of the enemies of God.

Is Paul an angel? Is he Karma? Is he God? Paul tells Nikki to take the green Volkswagen Beetle that’s parked in the lot…but she has to leave Ray with him. There is a bittersweet moment when Nikki hands the cat back. She was given a chance to say a final farewell to the one man who truly loved her. Nikki and Wrench leave seconds before the earless Yuri shows up to the bowling alley.


Yuri was probably hoping for some time to collect himself and to stop the bleeding. What he got instead was a glimpse of hell, and a payback for the murder of Helga Albrecht.


While Yuri is dealing with Karma and the spirits of the slaughtered, Gloria is celebrating Christmas with her son, ex-husband and his boyfriend. It is Christmas morning and Sy is trying to get past Meemo and Varga to talk to his best friend and business partner, Emmit. Varga tells Sy that he is getting a five million dollar bonus and then offers him tea made with a mother’s love. Sy winds up in the hospital. The tea was poisoned.


We jump three months into the future and Sy is still in a coma. Gloria has been demoted to deputy, but that hasn’t stopped her or Officer Lopez from dropping in on Emmit. Strange things are happening to Emmit. Is he being haunted by the dead? Emmit’s car disappears from a parking spot and in its place is Ray’s beloved car. All of the pictures in his office have been replaced with images of the 2 cent stamp that he stole from Ray.


Emmit feels guilty about the death of his brother, and he knows that Varga was behind Sy’s coma…but will this be enough to make Emmit confess? When Emmit calls Varga in a panic because a mustache had been glued to his face, Varga gives him a bedtime story about a Japanese soldier who refused to surrender after World War II, and a sedative to calm him down.


Who glued the mustache on Emmit? Was it Nikki? Gloria was feeling a bit down with the demotion and the divorce papers, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Emmit is at the police station. He wants to confess.

Can’t wait until next week, you betcha!

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