Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 Premiere

7 Jun


Before the Governor and before Negan, the people who’d survived becoming walking bags of meat were now beginning to pull together and form some resemblance of a community. These are the early days of the apocalypse and people are desperate to stay alive. There is safety in numbers, thus a community of survivors makes great sense. Unfortunately, Team Travis happened to stumble into one of these emerging communities. “Fear the Walking Dead” opens its third season with a welcoming committee that is more dangerous than walkers.

Eye of the Beholder

The third season premiere is served with two episodes and begins with the captured Travis, Maddie and Alicia being manhandled by young men in military clothing. Travis is weighed and checked for any signs of illness before he’s thrown into a holding room where he finds Nick (Frank Dillane) and Luciana (Danay Garcia). Nick is okay, but Luciana is badly injured. The reunion is hushed. These soldiers are brutal.


Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Maddie (Kim Dickens) are in much better shape because they are locked in an office. The lead soldier even serves them tea, but Maddie doesn’t trust him and rightfully so…he won’t give her a straight answer about Travis. Maddie plays the part of willing captive, but she has Alicia’s knife hidden away and ready to use.


We all know that kid…the one that pulls wings off butterflies and terrorizes the neighborhood pets, well Troy (Daniel Sharman) gives off that aura and he surrounds himself with like-mind sociopaths who decide on their own to do experiments on their terrified captives. The victims are shot just so Troy and his pals can watch what happens and how long it takes for the victim to turn. Troy and his men have figured out one thing. Freshly baked walkers don’t bother with dead food, preferring their food on the move.

Luckily, for Team Travis, a fellow victim named Steven talks them into escaping. They make a break for it but Travis is caught as Nick and Luciana take off in the sewers. Travis is thrown into an open pit with lots and lots of walkers and left for dead, while Troy pays a visit to Maddie and Alicia.


It took two seasons for Travis to find his mojo, and find it he does. Travis goes postal on the walkers and wipes out every single one. It always bothered me that Cliff Curtis’ character, although one of the main antagonists, was always played so wishy-washy, but that all changed in this episode.


While Travis is doing his best gladiator impression, and Nick and Luciana are attacked by walker Steven, Troy gets spooned by an angry Maddie after she suspects that Travis might be dead. Maddie shoves that spoon into Troy’s eye like it’s a scoop of ice cream. Troy is forced to take Maddie and Alicia to where Travis is and that is when we meet the nice brother, Jake (Sam Underwood).


Jake is the normal one in the family and quickly puts a stop to the sick games Troy and his friends have been playing on the helpless captives. Jake offers to take Travis, Maddie, Nick and Luciana to his father’s ranch. As the base is suddenly overrun by sewer walkers, Team Travis is split up: Travis, Luciana and Alicia with Jake in the helicopter; Maddie and Nick in the truck with Troy.

The New Frontier

Just when you think that everything is okay, you get suckered punched in the gut. They were in a helicopter, for Pete sakes! They should have been safe! But someone took shots at Jake’s helicopter. Who? We don’t know, but one of the stray bullets hits Travis. At first it didn’t seen that he was bleeding that badly.


I’m still recovering from the season seven The Walking Dead’s brutal deaths of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting too much drama from FTWD. It’s not their style to start off with such force, but it happened and I’m still trying to figure it out.

Travis knew he was dying and that is why he was undoing his seatbelt. He didn’t want to turn while still in the air. Alicia tried to stop him…then she saw his wounds. She had to let him go. We watched in shock as Travis fell to his death.

Had Cliff Curtis changed his mind about staying on the series? During S01 of FTWD, Curtis has made it quite clear to the host of Talking Dead that he didn’t want to be causality as so often happens on The Walking Dead. It just doesn’t make sense for the death to happen so quickly.


After the copter crashes, Jake’s friend is killed by ditch walkers and he and Alicia have to carry Luciana back to his father’s ranch. Maddie and Alicia have already been welcomed onto the ranch by Troy and Jake’s father, Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie).

Jeremiah is a cautious man, apparently clueless to Troy’s sociopathic tendencies, but he offers food and shelter to Maddie and Nick.


When Jake and Alicia arrive with the unconscious Luciana, Maddie is hit with the news about Travis. She takes the loss of Travis harder than I expected, then resolves to stay at the ranch with plans to take over. This was so out of character for Maddie, but I’ll give her credit for becoming a blossoming badass. She’s definitely no Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), but she could become a female version of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).


I saved Strand for last. Strand (Colman Domingo) has been playing hotel doctor and doing a good enough job, and in fact, he’s delivered his first baby. Unfortunately, he’s worn out his welcome and has to leave. Before Strand leaves, he visits the mother of the bride who has been holed up in her room ever since she stabbed him.


They talk about better times. He opens the patio door to let in some fresh air. She jumps to her death. It’s no big loss. It’s not like she endeared herself to the viewers. Strand rides off in a cool car and we lay bets to see how long it takes Maddie to kill Troy.

See you next week, my little walker snack


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