Gilbert Speaks on “American Gods S01 E06

6 Jun


The only thing that takes my mind off world events is a good book and an awesome television series. This week’s episode of “American Gods” certainly took my mind off the horrid events that took place in England.

You have to admire the British, and especially, Mayor Sadiq Khan for getting down to business and restoring the law of the land while keeping a stiff upper lip. Yep! Mayor Khan and England aren’t sniveling in a corner and crying out for any gods to help them. They’ve been there before and survived…and they will survive again. Kudos to my British neighbors! Unfortunately for Wednesday, he’s having a problem finding a god to help him. Meet me after the jump.

A Murder of Gods

American Gods has it all: religion; immigration problems; gun control problems; zombies and this week we get to meet Mexican Jesus as he helps the desperate Mexican men, women and children cross the river into America. Mexican Jesus can walk upon the water just like the Nazareth Jesus, but he doesn’t survive the flurry of bullets that mow down the illegal immigrants and him. There are guns and a vigilante mob waiting for their arrival. It’s particularly upsetting to know that this shit really happens in America. Somehow, we’ve forgotten that we are all immigrants except for the Native Tribes that were always here.


Shadow was badly injured by a tree god in the escape from jail, and he and Wednesday need to find a friend. Wednesday calls on his friend Vulcan, and old god who owns the factory that makes bullets for the members of white supremacy townsfolk. Everyone in that town carries a gun, even granny, and they won’t hesitate to put a bullet in your brain.

Vulcan lives off and flourishes from the frequent sacrifices that occur from workers accidently falling into the huge vats of molten lead. Vulcan truly enjoys the violent nature of the new world. While Wednesday and Vulcan talk old times and joining forces against the new gods, Laura goes on a road trip with a leprechaun.

Mad Sweeney

Wednesday purposely drove away when he saw Laura in the rear-view mirror. He is planning for a war and can’t afford to have Shadow distracted. But, Laura is nothing if not persistent in getting what she wants. She wants Shadow, Mad Sweeney wants his coin, but the only way to get Laura to hand it over freely is to get her resurrected. Their attempt to steal a taxi introduces them to Salim. I was extremely pleased to see the talented Omid Abtahi back in the story. Salim is looking for the Jinn. It might be love. The three join forces and go on an existential road trip.


Although Mad Sweeney is brutal in his warnings to Laura that she’ll never win back Shadow’s love, the banter between them is quite refreshing. The same goes with Salim and Laura. While Salim is faithful and loyal to his god, Laura believes in nothing. But, it’s Laura’s conversations with the gentle Salim that help her realize that she never appreciated the good things in her life. This message for Laura hits home hard after she watches her family from the shadows.


Salim has adapted to his new life and he is truly happy. It is the journey and not so much the destination that brings him joy. He is perfectly fine with praying to one god, while searching for another…one who has seduced him in bed.


Did the gods create us or did we create the gods? As Wednesday told Shadow, there is a Jesus for all occasions, but so far, Jesus is the only one saving people. The gods can’t be trusted and we see this first hand when Vulcan promises to help Wednesday and even goes as far as to forge a might sword for Wednesday.


Wednesday has been betrayed and his whereabouts given to Mr. World, but Wednesday has a few tricks up his sleeve. Salim believes that life is good, and for him, it is. He is happy in the moment…in the now. It is a lesson that we should all learn. Gods depend on sacrifices for their power, and to Shadow’s shock, Vulcan is killed by Wednesday. Unfortunately for a god, there is no living in the moment…time is against them.

See you next week. This post is dedicated to the people of England.



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