Gilbert Speaks on Kong the Might Frog, and Stewardship

1 Jun


I’m doing something quite different today. I’m combining two articles from my Gilbert Curiosities Blog to my pop culture blog. My friends and family all know about my love of nature and, I’ve posted many tweets about the four frogs that lived in my backyard pond. The frogs had chosen my pond as a permanent home…until disaster struck. What’s the connection between my frogs and our environment? Find out after the jump.


To understand where I’m coming from with this post, I need to remind you that I’m a Psychic/Medium. I can see dead people. They tell me things that mainly have to do with the world we live in. They are looking out for us from behind thin veil that separates the world of the living from the Universal Collective.

I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. Growing up, I was surrounded by cement, brick and asphalt. There were only a few trees on our street. There were no woodland animals to calm the soul…not unless you include lots of pigeons, sewer rats and roaches. These critters are the norm in any big city. If we wanted to participate in the healing gifts of nature, we’d have to head down to the FDR Park near the Naval Base, or go for a long ride to my Uncle Jack’s farm in New Jersey.

Old Pic 019

Two things happened in my life that opened the beautiful world of nature to me: My husband retired from the Philadelphia Fire Department and we moved to Audubon New Jersey; I got a job at the Academy of Natural Sciences. For the first time in my life, I had a yard that was not only bigger than a single grave site, but I had room to plant every bee and butterfly friendly plant imaginable.

I was surrounded by the wonders of nature including: hummingbirds, possums, raccoons, song birds, hawks, ospreys, and the occasional fox. This immersion into the natural world tied in perfectly with my job at the Academy. I was a peace with the world. After a few years at my new home, I had encouraged my husband to add more trees, including two apple trees. My husband surprised me one year when he and my grandsons made a huge pond in our backyard. We filled the pond with little feeder goldfish. They are huge now.



It wasn’t long before we began to see more songbirds arriving. Then one day, from nowhere, four little Bullfrogs were discovered at our pond. I was so excited to see that our yard was frog friendly. My husband doesn’t use any chemicals on our land. We pull out the weeds by hand. Frogs, because of their thin skins, can easily absorb the poisons that have been sprayed on the grass and wash into the pond.


The frogs, after three years of a steady diet of insects that found their way too close to the pond, became HUGE! The largest of the frogs was KONG. He had to be close to two pounds. The other frogs were Hopper, Tiny and Emerald. These frogs were not afraid of us or our three little dogs. They knew us. I would call for them by name whenever I was the yard, and I’ll be damned…they’d popped up from the water or the rocks surrounding the pond. These frogs had become an important part of the family to my husband and me.

I posted about my frogs daily on Twitter and Facebook. KONG was even in a twitter war with Trump about the environment.


Remember me saying at the beginning of this post that I’m able to speak to the dead. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve had this repeating dream. It was more of a vision. God, who I never see, because he stands behind me and speaks, said “As the frogs and bees survive…so will mankind.” This is a pretty strong warning, right? God showed me in these visions that our wanton disregard for nature would cause a global pandemic. GOD doesn’t lie.

But, you don’t need to believe me to know for yourself that we are inching towards the end of civilization. It won’t be a nuclear war that does us in. We will bring about our own extinction due to the lack of safe drinking water and climate change so severe that Mars will look like an oasis compared to Earth.

It wasn’t due to climate change or chemicals that killed KONG, Hopper and Emerald. It was a feral cat. We caught this cat, via security cameras, stealing the frogs over a two day period. My husband and I were devastated. We grieved for these frogs as we would a beloved family pet. We’d assumed that all the frogs were killed by this cat…but today…little Tiny stuck her head out from her hidey hole. She seems a bit jittery and I don’t blame her. My husband has added some additional protection around the pound. I intend to stakeout the pond until I can catch the damn cat and bring it to animal rehab.


Our environment is at stake here. The current administration is denying climate change and taking restrictions away that protect our food and water. Fracking is a curse and should be banned immediately. I want to live a full life. I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to live healthy lives surrounded by nature, clean air and water. I want to do this for you and me….and in honor of KONG. These are my two articles I wrote. One is for Blog March 2017  and you can find it here and the other is from An Empath’s Observation and Advice here.


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