Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E07

1 Jun


On last week’s episode of “Fargo” we were shocked by Ray’s death. It was truly an accident, but the cards are now played and the puppet master (Varga) is moving his Ace into place. Can Gloria block his move? Find out after the jump.

The Law of Inevitability

Is there no one to mourn the death of Ray Stussy? It was an accidental death, but Emmit’s consigning the body of his twin into Varga’s hands reveals a lot about Emmit. How does one even function after killing a man who shared the womb with you, grew up at your side, and called you, brother? Emmit not only wipes his hands “Lady Macbeth” style of the whole disaster, but then goes to his dinner engagement to meet with Sy and the widow who hopes to buy them out.


While the very strange Varga opens (I guessing that it wasn’t Emmit’s gifts) the presents under the tree: Gloria and Winnie find Ray’s body; Nikki is arrested and interrogated by Officer Mashed Potato for Ray’s death. One wonders how Sheriff Dammik, played wonderfully by Shea Whigham, even gets his pants on in the morning without killing himself. He of the universal ‘Closed minds and Misogyny Ways of Thinking’ interviews Nikki in such a way as to close off any avenue of getting to the truth. But, the true example of his small thinking is the way he blocks Gloria from interviewing Nikki…even when Gloria re-explains to both Dammik and the Chief of St. Cloud how she feels that Nikki is the key to solving three murders.


If there ever was a poster child for perseverance, it would be Gloria. She is willing to go through the stupid red tape of the St. Cloud Police Department in order to get one moment with Nikki. Luckily, Gloria arrives at the cell just in time to stop an assassin dressed as an officer from injecting Nikki with a syringe. What was in the syringe? Why didn’t Dammik and the Chief of St. Cloud believe Gloria about the attack? Why weren’t they more willing to listen to Gloria’s account of the deaths after seeing that someone messed with the security video? Why weren’t they willing to put around the clock security at Nikki’s cell? The scenes with Dammik are literally frustrating to watch…more so because we know that across this country there are people who think like him. Misogyny is a mortal disease of the soul.


What is even more frightening is this episode is that lovable Deputy Donny has been intimidated by Yuri into allowing Yuri to go through the files. Why didn’t Donny call for backup once he was safely outside? More importantly, will Donny tell Gloria about Yuri searching Ennis Stussy’s files?


Emmit is acting with unusual bravado towards the Widow Goldfarb, much to the uneasiness to his partner Sy, but that quickly changes when the Widow points out the spot of blood on his shirt. We watch the fear grow in Emmit’s eyes as Sy speaks with Officer Lopez. He already knows from Sy’s shocked expression that this visit has nothing to do with the fender bender and his quick mention of his alibi did not go unnoticed by either Sy or Lopez.


In this episode Sy realizes that Varga has gotten Emmit to distrust their friendship and this betrayal is devastating to Sy.


Will Gloria ever get the chance to have a share some Coconut Cream Pie with Nikki? I’m not sure because Nikki was put on a prison transport and handcuffed next to Mr. Wrench from S01. As Varga consoles Emmit with another of his wacky proverbs…this time about the ‘Crooked Man’…Varga’s men have caused the prison bus to overturn. Yuri is inside the bus and moving towards the unconscious Nikki. I’m guessing it’s inevitable what his intentions are. See you next week…you betcha!


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