Gilbert Speaks on “American Gods” S01 E05

30 May


I can’t get enough of this amazing series. On this week’s episode of “American Gods” Laura explains her unfaithfulness to Shadow, and we meet Mr. World. What does he want? Meet me after the jump.

Lemon Scented You

I love how this show jumps between the old and new gods and this week we learn about Atsula and her people who have crossed the land bridge from Siberia looking for food. Life has always been hard for immigrants and it all started with the last Ice Age. Atsula’s people are starving and to top it off, Atsula’s infant daughter dies. But, Atsula gets to meet with the sacred buffalo and he offers her a deal to save her people. There is a price to pay. There is always a price to pay when dealing with gods.


We notice right off that the flypaper is working, but what does that say about the aroma surrounding Laura Moon. Shadow, at first, thinks he is seeing ghosts, but after the pillow that he tosses at said ghost is tossed back; Shadow knows for sure that his dead wife is back. Shadow does what we expect anyone one to do when their dead unfaithful spouse drops by. He wants answers. Laura doesn’t hold back and tells Shadow everything. Later, Laura takes a hot bath which I’m not sure is a great idea, but she wants to feel less reptile and more mammal in case Shadow decides to kiss her. He does kiss Laura, but there is a touch of magic in that kiss. Shadow causes Laura’s heart to take a beat. It’s only one beat, but we are left to wonder if Shadow has the power to bring Laura fully back to life.

Shadow doesn’t shy away from the autopsy incision, or Laura’s pale complexion, or the smell. This man is a keeper. Laura asks Shadow if he is still her “Puppy?” His reply is a firm, “NO!” Mr. Wednesday, on a tip from his pet crow, interrupts this little get together when he knocks on the door.

Mr. World

Mr. Wednesday comments on the cat litter smell, as Shadow steps outside of his motel room, but Shadow doesn’t tell him the cause of the stench. Within minutes a patrol car show up and arrests Shadow and Wednesday.


Back at the station, we learn that the police have been sent incriminating photos proving that Shadow and Wednesday were involved with the bank heist. The interrogating officer tries to get Shadow to rat out Wednesday, but before any harm can come to Shadow or Wednesday, an unexpected visitor shows up.

Mad Sweeney

Sweeney wants his coin back, but Laura isn’t about to part with something that brought her back to life. Sweeney can’t take the coin from her. It must be given freely, but he’s so pissed that he tries to drown Laura. This little performance gets him thrown into the back of a police car and Laura into the morgue. I think it’s really cool that Laura has this almost superhuman strength…to bad that she smells like hell warmed over.


I can’t say it enough, but Gillian Anderson is absolutely fabulous as Media. The episodes with her included are downright enjoyable. This week she appears as David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust while she berates Technical Boy about his bad behavior towards Shadow Moon. He needs to apologize and soon. Technical Boy is a new god and doesn’t understand or give a shit about doing things the proper way, but you don’t say no to Mr. World.


Mr. World and Media stop the interrogation in a most brutal way, but we get to see Media arrive as Marilyn Monroe. You can tell that Gillian Anderson is having a ball with this character, especially when her kiss knocks out two of Techincal Boy’s front teeth.

There are two reasons for Mr. World’s dramatic entrance. He wants Technical Boy to make amends for having Shadow hung and he wants to give Mr. Wednesday a new brand, but Wednesday knows that all offers from Mr. World come with strings attached. Crispin Glover is both mesmerizing and frightening as Mr. World…but he is both mesmerizing and frightening in every role I’ve ever seen him play. That’s cool.

Mr. World

Wednesday and Shadow will have to choose what team they will be playing on: Odin’s or Mr. Worlds because the war between old and new gods is coming to a head, and no matter who wins, the human race will be left to pay the price.

See you next week!


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