Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E06

26 May


On last week’s episode of “Fargo” While, Ray tries to comfort the badly injured Nikki, Emmit gets a visit from the law…but the real story tonight is about sharks in suits. What’s eating Varga? Find out after the jump

The Lord of No Mercy

Inquiring minds want to know what makes Varga tick. David Thewlis should get an award for his portrayal of the mysterious V.M Varga. Varga is full of strange antidotes, which covers the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 to someone named Gavrilo Princip and the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in World War 1 to the fake moon landing. Varga actually enjoys talking tall tales with his captive audience, but Sy Feltz is having a hard time digesting anything coming from Varga. It doesn’t help that Emmit is relying on Varga’s advice more than Sy’s.


Varga tells Sy that Stussy Lots are going to expand with $50 million in new loans. Sy is worried about the IRS raking over the books, but Varga’s not the least worried. I never expected Meemo (Andy Yu) to be the solution, but clean that little assassin up, and dress him in a suit and you get a mirror image of Agent Dollard (Hamish Linklater). Not for anything, but if I ever have a problem with the IRS, I want Meemo on my side.

Officer Burgle

Vargo is a sick man. He enjoys regurgitating his food and he loves poking at his gums with sharp objects. Did any of you viewers think of the 1976 film, Marathon Man, when Varga was working his gums? Varga’s self-mutilation was put on hold when Emmit receives visitors. A shark knows when a stronger predator is on the hunt. Gloria Burgle arrives on the scene like an Orca whale. She is determined to solve this case and not even her clueless supervisor can stop her. She’s not one to be distracted, or bullied. When Varga interrupts the interview between Emmit, Burgle and Lopez, he expected a quick retreat, but Gloria showed her dorsal fin. She’s not backing down.


Second to Meemo’s playing an attorney, the big laugh came when Varga tried to find information on Gloria Burgle. For a man accustomed to surfing the waves for internet data, it was a shock to learn that the Eden Valley Police department is not computer literate. Varga has to get the scoop the old fashion way. He sends Yuri to do some spying. Varga sends Meemo to permanently eliminate the Ray and Nikki problem.


Nikki and Ray follow Varga’s henchmen around, but Nikki stops Ray from shooting them…maybe she’ll regret this moment, especially since Varga has Meemo hunting for them. After Burgle and Lopez pay a visit to Ray’s apartment, the two lovers take off, but they are being followed. While Ray returns to his apartment to get the bank money he stole, Meemo is waiting for Nikki to return to her motel room.


Emmit may be a greedy man, but his heart was in the right place when it came to his brother, Ray. Emmit wanted to stop the feud going on between him and Ray before Varga took matters into his own hands. Emmit had no clue that Ray was already a marked man. Why didn’t Ray just take the damn stamp? Damn! I didn’t see this one coming. Emmit calls the only man capable of taking care of the mess and in doing so, inadvertently saves Nikki’s life.

Varga is a shark wearing a suit. He fears no one, not even the IRS, but while he and Meemo are cleaning up the bloody mess from Ray’s severed artery, killer whales (Burgle and Lopez) are on the way to Ray’s apartment. The Orcas will just flip that shark upside down. Game over! At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

See you next week, you betcha!



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