Gilbert Speaks on “American Gods” S01 E04

24 May


Holy Zombie! This week’s episode of “American Gods” was downright awesome and we get to learn much more about Laura Moon. Shadow was head over heels in love with Laura, but did she deserve the worship? Find out after the jump.

Git Gone

What we did know about Laura (Emily Browning) before this episode came to us through conversations and flashbacks, but Laura had a life before meeting Shadow. What was her life like and what did she give up by giving her best friend’s husband a blow job? All jobs become boring after a while, and Laura who worked as a blackjack dealer in a casino seems to be numbly moving through her existence on Earth. She went home each night to care for her cat and soak in her hot tub. She’s not happy and this becomes quite evident when she tries to kill herself with a can of Git Gone insecticide while in the hot tub. Luckily, she lives to meet Shadow.


Laura’s nickname for Shadow was telling as her best friend Audrey (Betty Gilpin) points out. Did Laura think of Shadow as a pet, because she did call him puppy? Laura meets Shadow when he tries to cheat at cards while at her gaming table. Laura talks Shadow out of stealing, then takes him home. The cat seemed highly intruded upon. They become a couple with Shadow trying to do right by her. Shadow is willing to do anything to keep Laura happy. They spend their free times with friends and neighbors Audrey and Robbie (Dane Cook) and all is good with the world, until Laura comes up with a plan to rob the casino. She knows the routine and location of all the staff, so what could go wrong.

The After Life

After Shadow is sent to jail for three years, and Laura promises him that she can wait for him…she can’t. It isn’t long before the affair begins with Robbie with both Shadow and Audrey clueless to what is going down. On the day that Shadow was to come home from jail, Robbie and Laura go for one last joyride. It was a fatality with consequences. Although their death was not a result of texting while driving, Robbie’s misplaced penis reveals the affair to both Audrey and Shadow.

Anubis (Chris Obi) is there waiting for Laura, but she knows better than to put her heart on that scale. Before Anubis can lock her away forever, Mad Sweeney’s lucky coin pulls her back to Earth and the world of the living dead.


This was one of the funnier episodes as we watched Laura adjusting to being back inside her autopsied and embalmed body. Laura has a quest and that is to makes things right for Shadow. He is the light (literally) to her world. Thankfully for Shadow (Ricky Whittle), the light of his soul brings Laura to his rescue. As little as Laura is, she is able to fight off Techincal Boy’s droogs, but loses one of her arms in the battle.


The best lines are between Laura and Audrey after Laura breaks into Audrey’s home to use her sewing kit. As Laura tries to explain the affair, to her frightened friend, Audrey calls her a “zombie whore!”

It’s hard being a zombie. After running into Anubis a second time, he gives Laura the bad news. Her body is unable to repair itself and she better keep that can of ‘Git Gone’ around to keep the flies away.

I can’t wait to see Laura explain her situation to Shadow. See you next week


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