Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E05

18 May


On last week’s episode of “Fargo” Gloria found an ally in the case and thanks to Winnie Lopez, the dots are connecting. There are just a few problems. Vargo wants to know why Sy was talking to the police…and…Gloria Burgle’s boss is an idiot.

The House of Special Purpose

Like those trouble makers, “Thing” 1 and “Thing” 2 from The Cat in the Hat, Ray and Nikki have made a mess of Emmit’s marriage after a sex tape meant for Emmit’s eyes only is seen by his wife. I guess we can all blame good ole Sy for this. He’s the reason that Ray got fired and he’s the reason that Ray doesn’t have a car. Sy is jealous of Ray, but his actions come with consequences.



This brotherly rivalry is really getting out of hand. Ray is so in love with Nikki that he goes along with every crazy plan she comes up with. Because of Sy, Ray missed the meeting with the man who was to bankroll their next bridge tournament. But how could they get even with Sy and also get the needed funds for their tournament…Wigs!

Does Nikki really love Ray or is she using him? The girl is a crazy person, but I think she really loves Ray. They are now engaged, but I wouldn’t be buying the wedding gift yet.


I don’t know what makes this man tick…but Sy, played fabulously slimy by Michael Stuhbarg, thinks that he’s a tough man…he isn’t…Sy is shocked to learn that Emmit has signed a contract with Varga. The shark is in the pond, now. Varga wants to know about the visit from Officer Wendy. After spewing a few racist and misogynist remarks about Sy’s wife, Varga takes a piss into Sy’s coffee mug and forces Sy to drink it. Sy is upset to learn that Emmit signed the contract and that he has been demoted to a smaller office.


While Emmit mourns the breakup of his family, Sy, unable to get Emmit to answer the phone meets with a potential lifesaver, Mrs. Goldfarb. Does Sy really believe that he and Emmit can escape Varga by selling the business to someone else?


Sy is already feeling like he’s left the known world, or stepped off the map before his meeting, but the situation only gets worse because Mrs. Goldfarb is no dumb widow. She wants it all. I was so excited to see Mary McDonnell in the role of the cunning Mrs. Goldfarb. I’ve become a big fan of Mary McDonnell ever since she joined Major Crimes. I hope to see Mrs. Goldfarb again.


We know that Sy is loyal to Emmit, but I doubt that this loyalty is a two-way-street. Emmit is devastated by Stella’s packing up the family and leaving. She doesn’t believe that it was Ray in a wig. When Sy shows up with the news that the enemy is at the gate and they are “fornicating with our cookware” Emmit tells him to fix what is broken. Emmit’s taking the shackles off Sy gives what message? Does he want Sy to kill his brother and Nikki? Has Sy done things like this in the past? Unaware that Varga’s men have been following him, Sy calls Nikki while she and Ray shop for a tux and sets up a secret meeting with her.


I saved the best for last. Gloria and Wendy bring Ray in for questioning. They’re asking the right questions and Ray is sweating out the answers. Unfortunately, they had explained the case they were working on to the dumb-ass-deputy who then told Dammick.


The world is stacked to the sky with idiotic and clueless bosses. We can’t escape them. I think it is God’s way of keeping us humble. Chief Moe Dammick (Shea Whigham) after giving a speech about a red balloon (don’t you just want to smack this character for his smugness?) orders Gloria to drop the case.


Those dots are connecting faster than we can keep up. Not only does Varga plant the seeds of mistrust with Emmit by suggesting that Sy is working with Ray to take over the business, but Emmit is then visited by the IRS. Agent Dollard (Hamish Linklater) needs to check the books. He is curious about the 10,000 withdrawal from the bank…the one that Ray made. While Emmit panics, Varga asks Emmit if Dollard is married or has kids. Hell! Varga isn’t afraid of the IRS…why worry when you can doctor the books…right? If that doesn’t work, I’m sure that Varga will have Yuri and Meemo make the IRS disappear.

I don’t know what I expected Sy to do to Nikki. I was wondering how he’d act after Emmit removed the ‘shackles’ but all he did was negotiate with Nikki with her asking for more money. Sy is nothing more than a small fish in a big pond. The shark has taken over and, has sent his minions to handle Nikki.


Yuri tells Nikki a story about Siberia and how the white snow covers all that blood. He and Meemo then viciously beat up Nikki as Sy watches, horrified. Sy is not the only one cringing as we hear each kick and punch.

Nikki has somehow lived through this beating and, she makes her way home where Ray finds her. The cards are on the table for these two bridge players. What will Ray do? Vargo is a wicked man, but he’s such a misogynist, that he’s not watching the female officers who are busily connecting the dots. I have a feeling that it will be the ladies, Officers Burgle and Lopez, who will take this monster down for good. You betcha! See you next week!


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