Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E04

11 May


This week on “Fargo” Varga pays a visit to Emmit’s home while Nikki and Ray track down important collateral and Gloria learns more about Maurice. Will Gloria connect the dots that lead her to Nikki and Ray? Meet me after the jump.

The Narrow Escape Problem

Episode 4 begins with a voice over from Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne Malvo as he tells us who the players are in Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. Each player has a corresponding musical instrument. Gloria is Peter and Varga…the wolf. The stage is set as the plot returns to the Midwest and we find Gloria explaining to the new acting chief why this investigation into Ennis’s death must continue.


When the chief goes into detail how the soldiers under him returned to their families in body bags because they didn’t heed his advice, Gloria comes back with a zinger. Hopefully this will quiet the buffoon until the crime is solved.

The Wolf

Even tyrants have their own personal demons as witnessed on this episode with Varga’s bulimia. Varga shovels plates of food down his gullet only to purge his meals up as soon as he leaves the table. I had a family member who did this. I always assumed it was because they wanted to be skinny…I’ve learned that it was always about control. Their bodies and what they ate or purged, was the only power they believed they had; the only thing an overbearing parent couldn’t control. This revelation might explain Varga’s mysterious past.


Varga pays an uninvited visit to Emmit while Emmit and his family are having dinner. Although Emmit is a little overwhelmed during the meal, his clueless wife, Stella, picks up the slack and makes Vargo feel at home. I do wonder if she felt as sociable after Vargo purged himself in the bathroom after dinner. What was the real reason for Varga’s visit? He wants to prepare Emmit for the apocalypse, the war between the 1% and the poor.

The Duck

Ray and Nikki get into more trouble after Nikki comes up with a plan to steal back the stamp. Ray, clean shaven and wearing a wig, is able to get into Emmit’s safe deposit box which holds only the cremated remains of a beloved pet. Ray is able to withdraw ten grand from the bank, but things go downhill from there.


Carrie Coon’s Gloria is a pleasure to watch. She is every woman who is trying to make their way in a man’s world. A better officer and investigator than the new chief and her deputy, Gloria’s input is constantly overlooked or ignored. She is invisible not only to her male counterparts and her soon to be ex-husband who gave her son an Xbox without consulting her first…but automatic sensors also ignore the fact that Gloria exists.


Gloria doesn’t get much help at the Parole Department when she visits Ray about Maurice, but her encounter with Winnie Lopez (Olivia Sandoval), a female officer she bumps into while using the bathroom will prove to be beneficial to the case.

Winnie Lopez is investigating the hit and run accident that Sy committed when he purposely rammed Ray’s car before accidently hitting a car belonging to the waitress. Winnie’s next visit to Sy has the lawyer stammering out excuses and Varga’s men wondering why the cop is there.


It’s not a good day for Ray. Why he tasted the dog ashes is incomprehensible, but it is an omen for the rest of his day. Not only is Ray terminated because he refuses to stop his affair with a parolee, but his car has been booted. It’s clear that Sy was behind the firing and the booting as revenge for Ray’s withdrawal from his brother’s bank account and, it’s outright comical the way Sy points his finger at Ray in an act of victory even as he struggles to open the door to his big ass and expensive Hummer…but one wonders if Sy doesn’t have a man crush on Emmit. Sy is way too anxious to put a barrier between the brothers.


Only briefly do Gloria and Nikki connect as they pass each other on the ramp leading to Ray’s office, but even though that damn electric door ignores Gloria, we know that her radar is up about Nikki. This show might try to distract us with the antics of Ray and Emmit, or the secret agenda of Varga and his men, but the real story is about the ladies: Gloria, Nikki, and Winnie.


While the men plot and scheme, Winnie Lopez has connected the dots between the Stussy brothers and Ennis. Instead of keeping this to herself, Winnie makes it a point to report to Gloria. To Winnie, Gloria is not invisible. Nikki is a smart cookie, definitely smarter than Ray and Emmit, but will she stand a chance against Varga? We all know Nikki is going to somehow tangle with Varga. How, and who survives, remains to be seen.

See you next week!

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