Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E03

5 May


This week on “Fargo” we go on a road trip and we channel Twin Peaks…love you, Ray Wise! Was Gloria Burgle’s investigation into Ennis’s past life worth the ride? Find out after the jump.

The Law of Non-Contradiction

What are the Coen Brothers famous for? Yea, I know…great films and television series, but they also use a familiar diversion that seems to have no pertinent connection to the main story, but does more to center the main character than anything else that has happened so far. Gloria travels to Los Angeles to learn more about her stepfather’s past. Did Ennis piss someone off in his past? Did they kill him as payback? Getting on that plane without permission from her superior/new chief reveals a lot about Gloria. She may not have much luck with technology, but she’s a great detective.


On the plane, Gloria reads one of Ennis/Thaddeus’s books: “The Planet Wyh” and it is a good story, which is why it won the 1975 Golden Planet Award. We get to enjoy the story, along with Gloria, about a little robot that lives for millions of years on earth as a witness to the fall of human civilization. Gloria meets a charming man on the plane (Ray Wise) and although their meeting adds nothing important to the story…it is always a pleasure to see this talented actor. Gloria actually gets to stay at the same cheesy motel that the young Thaddeus (Thomas Mann) stayed at, but her suitcase is robbed as she’s checking in. Gloria meets Officer Hunt, a lover of Facebook.

Through persistence and great deductions, Gloria learns more about Thaddeus who had the potential to be another Ray Bradbury. That’s how great a writer Thaddeus is…but unfortunately for the young writer, he meets, then is swindled out of all his money by a crooked producer named Howard Zimmerman (Fred Melamed). Howard uses an actress, Vivian (Francesca Eastwood), to entice Thaddeus out of his book advance money via drugs. When Thaddeus realizes he’s been had, he almost beats Zimmerman to death with a putter.


Gloria learns three things on this trip: Zimmerman is too crippled and ill to get out of bed, let alone kill Ennis; Thaddeus got his new identity from the toilet bowl; Los Angelis cops lack the Midwest manners, especially when Officer Oscar Hunt (Rob McElhenney) expects Gloria to jump into bed with him.


Gloria doesn’t need the internet to solve crimes. She finds her clues the old fashion way. When she later questions the older Vivian (Frances Fisher) about her part in Thaddeus’s downfall, Vivian is unable to remember much because of the heavy drug use back in the day, but Vivian does remember that she was never a nice person.


Gloria heads back to Minnesota where she does, or does not have a job. She does learn from her deputy that Maurice’s prints were discovered in Ennis’s home and that Maurice is dead via a suspicious accident. What she deduces from this new information remains to be seen

I love how Gloria and that little robot from “The Planet Wyh” mirror each other’s situation: there is no respect for a job well done. See you next week.

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