Gilbert Speaks on “Fargo” S03 E02

27 Apr


On last week’s episode of “Fargo” we were introduced to the participants (cast) of the Coen Brother’s fabulous and mesmerizing game of Bridge known as Fargo. This week, Mr. Varga makes his move. Meet me after the jump.

The Principle of Restricted Choice

Contact bridge: The principle of restricted choice states that play of a particular card decreases the probability its player holds any equivalent card, or to put this theory into Fargonian speak: If you know about something, but stick your head in the sand, it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass.


Officer Gloria (Carrie Coon) is stuck with not only understanding and investigating the mysterious death of her stepfather, Ennis, but she also has to make sense of the stack of sci-fi books that were hidden under the floorboards in Ennis’s home. Who the hell is Thaddeus Mobley? He is the author of said science fiction books, but from the newspaper clipping hidden with the books Gloria learns that Ennis and Thaddeus are one and the same.

Carrie Coon plays her Gloria as patient observer of life in general. She questions technology, and maybe, it’s because she has so much trouble dealing with electronic doors that don’t recognize her presence and cell phones that refuse to work. In this episode, Gloria meets her new boss, Sheriff Moe Dammik (Shea Wigham) and he is all for technology and is absolutely befuddled that the Eden Valley Police Station doesn’t use computers.

Gloria will need to watch her back with Dammik because his opinion of her right now isn’t good. Gloria doesn’t seem to worry about Dammik or his insistence that the police station modernize their methods because Gloria relies on old-fashion police work to get the job done. She questions a gas station owner about his run-in with Maurice. Gloria doesn’t need the internet to connect the dots. That page that Maurice ripped out of the station’s phone book listed Ennis’s address.


Emmit and Sy first break the news to their attorney about the borrowed million dollars and then they ask Irv Blumkin to do some research into V.M. Varga’s background. Mr. Blumkin is the poster child for anyone who is computer challenged and his cluelessness is almost laughable…almost, that is until he downloads a virus. We are slowing learning just how dangerous Mr. Varga is.


Sy tells Emmit not to feel guilty about turning down Ray’s request for some spending money. While Emmit does have a soft spot for his brother, Sy does not. Sy considers Ray a loser and advises Emmit not to give in and give Ray the valuable stamp.

Varga is one hell of a frightening scoundrel. After Varga brings a massive tractor trailer onto a property owned by Emmit, Sy advises Emmit to do nothing, because if they acknowledge that truck, then they won’t be able to maintain “plausible deniability. While Emmit was worried that Varga is trucking in drugs, Sy was thinking “slave girls”.


While Emmit and Sy hide their heads in the sand, Ray learns that Maurice’s death was ruled an accident, but when he goes to Nikki’s apartment to give her the good news, she slaps him. His “Chi” is off and he better fix it before the next Bridge tournament. Nikki suggests that Ray steal the stamp.


While Ray and his brother make amends in front of Ray’s home, Nikki sneaks into Emmit’s home office. The stamp is gone and in its place a photo of a donkey. After Nikki leaves a message on the photo and something disgusting in Emmit’s desk drawer, Sy takes his revenge by ramming his SUV into Ray’s beloved Corvette…several times, before hitting another car on the way out.


Be careful of who you Google! Mr. Blumkin was killed for doing a search on Vargo. One of Varga’s men, who threw Blumkin to his death, is named Yuri Gurka. Do you remember the first scene from last week’s show that concerned a mistaken identity in Russia? If Sy and Emmit think Ray or Nikki’s bloody tampon is their most taxing problem, then they are in for a shocker.



Vargo may mumble his words, but this monster is quite organized. Vargo had his henchmen kill someone for just doing an internet search on him. Now, Vargo is taking over Emmit’s business, and just to remind Emmit and Sy that he is bat-shit-crazy, Vargo reveals how he does business. He mentions Blumkin.

You really do need to be careful of who you Google. As a writer, I like to do research on topics I’m writing about in my science fiction series. I Googled the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) once, and tried to get as much info as I could for one of my book’s antagonists. While I was researching them; they were researching me.

I want to see more of Gloria in next week’s episode, because we know that when it comes to a Bridge game, Gloria is holding the winning hand even without computers.


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