Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” Season 2 Finale

21 Apr


On last week’s episode, while Avasarala, Cotyar and Draper were betrayed by Errinwright and captured by Mao’s henchmen, Holden put his revenge on hold to save Naomi. While Iturbi tries to figure out what is happening on Venus, Holden and his team must save the Roci from one hell of a hitchhiker.

Caliban’s War

I’m late with my review, but I have a very good excuse. Two of my grandsons are in the military: one a Marine and the other in the Navy. The one in the Navy, Josh, was graduating from his training in submarine school and he had the highest scores of all his classmates…earning 2 special citations and a promotion. My grandsons remind me of Bobbie Draper in that they put honor and duty before everything. They are young men of integrity. Bobbie Draper is a Martian Marine, but I know, if this character was a real person, she would make our modern day military proud of her.


Avasarala, Cotyar and Draper are trapped in a shootout with Mao’s soldiers and Cotyar is badly injured. Avasarala admits that she should have listened to him because he felt this meeting was a trap.


Cotyar tells Draper that he brought along her battle armor and our kick-ass marine scoots through the venting system to retrieve it. Avasarala is devastated by Errinwright’s betrayal, but when Mao’s men want to make a trade, she is left wondering who side Cotyar is really on.


What in the world can be happening on Venus? The Eros crater is active, but there are no more drones to be sent to investigate. Even though a Martian ship is tailing them, Dr. Iturbi convinces Captain Janus to bring the Arboghast closer to the crater for a better reading. The Martian ship, understanding what the Arboghast is doing, races to the crater.

The Roci

When Naomi and Amos return to the Roci, Holder apologizes for his manic attempts to capture the Protomolecule hybrid even knowing that it could have destroyed the Roci. Naomi has her own apologizing to do and a dirty secret to reveal, but while scanning the ship’s damages, she sees the Protomolecule hybrid in one of the cargo bays. Naomi’s confession will need to take a back seat for now.



The ship is already damaged and so is Amos. While Prax tends to Amos’s wounds they talk about the fact that that hybrid that is now on the Roci was once a human child. I really feel sorry for Prax. His world has been turned inside-out: his beloved plant lab was destroyed; his friend was killed because she was from Mars, and his young daughter was kidnapped by Dr. Strickland. Mei might already be one of those hybrids…maybe the hybrid on the ship is Mei. Prax wants to communicate with the hybrid. He is overruled.


The hybrid doesn’t take kindly to Holden, Amos and Alex shooting at it. The men are surprised when the hybrid rips an implant from its chest and throws it away. In the scuffle and explosion, Holden is pinned against the wall by a heavy magnetic crate. Amos and Alex are forced to retreat. What was that implant? Alex thinks it might have been a way to control the hybrid.

Holden’s leg is crushed but the hybrid ignores him and zeros in on the ship’s bulkhead where it starts digging its way to the ship’s reactor. The crew panics. Naomi wants Holden to stay awake, but he’s lost a lot of blood. Naomi and Holden are in love and they both know that he’s a dead man unless they get rid of the hybrid. Naomi is frantic to come up with a plan but Holden wants to, needs to say his goodbyes.


Amos wants to depressurize the cargo bay and blast the hybrid into space…but it will kill Holden. Alex turns off the ship’s reactor, but that only forces the hybrid to go after Holden. The Roci crew is in a chess game and they are not only out of their league, but in a fatal checkmate. While Amos gets an apology from Naomi for her actions on the Somnambulist, he shocks her with one of his own. Amos is a good man, but he’s not sure he has an ethical center. He has one, he just doesn’t realize it. While the hybrid tears through the ship’s containment field, Prax’s training as a botanist helps him figure out a plan on how to get rid of the pesky hybrid. Will the plan work? Just in case it doesn’t Holden tells Alex to go with plan B.


Integrity: definition: Integrity is the qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles. It means doing the right thing at the right time, at all times.


Avasarala saw firsthand that Cotyar had integrity even though he could have given her up to save his life. He was bleeding to death, but Malik made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He refused. Draper is the poster child for integrity. She is a soldier, but she is not a killer and talks the frightened electrician into standing down in order to get her armor. Why should any of them die for evil men like Mao or Errinwright? It’s easy to walk away, but good soldiers think differently than we do. Honor and integrity are the good soldier’s armor. Draper comes to the rescue just like we knew she would.


The Arboghast was sent on a mission and Janus being the good soldier, did what had to be done to investigate the activity inside the crater made by Eros. It would have meant a shootout between his ship and the Martian ship, but Janus didn’t seem a bit afraid even when the Martian ship completely vanished. What is happening on Venus? We’ll have to wait until season three to find out. We can’t ask the crew of the Arboghast because they don’t exist anymore…and neither does their ship thanks to the Protomolecules.


Never say “Never” especially if you are the crew of the Roci. Prax’s plan works because he understood plants and energy. The hybrid needs energy to survive. Instead of the ship’s reactors, Naomi and Prax lead the hybrid outside of the ship by tempting it with a warhead, then Alex does his own version of a weenie roast with the Roci’s afterburners.


Naomi finally gets to tell Holden her secret. When she thought that the Somnambulist was a goner, she gave Fred Johnson the location of the Protomolecule that she had hidden. Now…everyone has a weapon. Will that stop the war between Earth, Mars and the Belters? Does having nuclear weapons ever prevent a war? Ask Korea or Iran.

The Expanse is one of the best science fiction shows on television. I love watching the show and I like doing the weekly reviews because this show has everything: good stories, freaking great cast, and awesome special effects. See you next year my little hybrids…and maybe we can find out why Dr. Strickland has placed little Mei in that tube. There will be no sweet dreams for Mei.



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