Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S02 E12

13 Apr


On the last episode of “The Expanse” we watch as Holden and Team Roci reach the proverbial fork in the road. Naomi has had enough of the violence. This week, Naomi and Amos offer to help Melissa evacuate the survivors of Ganymede. Will Melissa accept Naomi’s help?

The Monster and the Rocket

Errinwright is positive that his testimony on what he knows about the Protomolecule will probably mean a death sentence. He gives Avasarala a medal to give to his son if anything happens to him. Errinwright then tells Avasarala that Mars will use the Protomolecule to destroy Earth. I actually felt sorry for Errinwright as he gave some fatherly advice to his son.


While Errinwright plays the martyr, Holden, Amos and Prax chase after the Protomolecule hybrid. They head inside the AG dome which places Alex in a precarious position of keeping the Roci in one piece as they maneuver through twisted metal while avoiding MCRN ships. Holden is hell-bent on killing the hybrid, but Prax pleads for its life. It might be his daughter Mei.


This is the first time that we see Holden using his power as captain to overrule more sensible heads. Is this because Naomi isn’t there as a moral guidepost? Were you also surprised to see Holden so focused on killing the hybrid that he ignored the Karakum tracking them? I sure was. This was so out of character for our hero, but as we’ve learned from Marvel Comics…all super heroes have a dark side. Thankfully, Alex does what he can to avoid that MCRN ship, but then all hell breaks loose.


The Ice Queen has her sidekicks and what a team it is! I love that Draper is with Avasarala and Cotyar. I was worried about our little Marine, but she seems to have found a new team leader. Avasarala is a bit nervous about meeting with Mao, and she hates to fly…at least she’s not flying the unfriendly skies of United. Draper and Cotyar are informed that if the shit hits the fan, they are to protect Avasarala.


I enjoyed the bickering that went on between Cotyar and Draper and I noticed how Draper changed her attitude after learning that Cotyar had also served in the military as Special Ops. Cotyar confesses to  Draper that he got Avasarala’s son killed. I’m not positive, but I sensed something going on between these two warriors. The playful bickering ends after they meet with Mao’s ship.


When I saw Errinwright holding that small vial of poison, I thought he was going to take the easy way out, but that man is slicker than a duck’s backside and we realize just how cunning he is when the Martian Defense Minister, Korshunov drops in to talk about Draper’s defection.


Korshunov talks about his interest in the Protomolecule and how it will speed up the terraforming that is slowly taking place on Mars. This is where we connect the dots and finally understand what is taking place on Venus; massive terraforming thanks to Eros and its Protomolecule hitchhiker. When Korshunov drops dead during the meeting, we realize who that poison was really intended for and….that Avasarala is in deep dog doo!


I saved the best for last. Naomi is definitely the moral center of Team Roci. Although Melissa didn’t trust Naomi, especially after her husband’s death, Naomi proved her worth by fixing the Somnambulist. But, things are getting worse on Ganymede after something big falls out of orbit. It seems that someone destroyed the ship that was chasing the Roci, and now, big chunks of the Karakum are falling on the already damaged domes of Ganymede.


It sucks to be a refugee. No one wants you, and if you try to escape the explosions, there is a giant of a man blocking entrance to the only way off Ganymede. There is only enough oxygen for the crew and 52 Belters. If Naomi opens that door and everyone rushes in; they all die. Poor Amos tried to stop Naomi from opening that door, but all he got for his trouble was a double dose of painkillers.


Naomi could not, would not leave innocent people to die needlessly. She took a big chance opening the ship’s doors. Somehow, she convinced the giant to help her load only the children, then young men and women aboard the ship. There is something special about Naomi that convinced the Belters to sacrifice their lives in order to save the youngest of Ganymede. Naomi was willing to stay behind and let the giant take her place on the ship….but he knew that Naomi had a job to finish.


This entire episode was about sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice to obtain what you want? The eldest Belters sacrificed their lives in order for their young to escape Ganymede. Mao wants power and wealth via the Protomolecule, but Avasarala is persecuting his family. Avasarala will sacrifice anyone who threatens Earth, but she never expected Errinwright to sacrifice her. Will Draper and Cotyar be able to fight their way off Mao’s ship?


Holden wanted to catch that Protomolecule hybrid, but Alex knew that the Somnambulist needed his help after the Martians began to fire torpedoes at the rescue ship. Thankfully, Holden sacrificed his need for revenge and did the right thing. It’s a beautiful sight to see the Rocinante show up with guns a blazing…unfortunately…it picked up a hitchhiker. Hot Damn! I love this show. See you next week for the season finale.

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