Gilbert Speaks on the S0 2 Finale of “Colony”

8 Apr


The LA Bloc is scheduled for a “Total Rendition” and I don’t think it’s a musical that the Hosts are planning for the unfortunate inhabitants of LA. While Team Bowman try to find a way to safety, our favorite team player, Snyder, makes the best of a dire situation. Doesn’t he always? Who will survive the season finale of “Colony” Find out after the jump.


The definition of Ronin: a Samurai without a lord or master. With the death or fall of his master, the Samurai became a wanderer; a vagrant, who was duty bound to commit seppuku (ritual suicide). With the Hosts itching to send the LA populace to the factory, Snyder is left in a precarious situation. Yes, Helena Goldwyn has promised sanctuary for Snyder’s daughter, and yes, Helena has a position ready for Snyder in Europe, but she wasn’t the one to break the news to Snyder…and that simple fact speaks volumes to his position in the food chain.


Snyder only learns through Bennett about the relocation to San Fernando, but foxy Snyder knows that the relocation is just the cover story. Bennett finally admits that the Hosts want the city empty in order to look for the gauntlet. Nah! Snyder is too smart to fall for the cover, cover story and heads straight to Helena for the real story.

One of the reasons I enjoy Snyder (Peter Jacobson) so much is that this man is a true survivalist. He has his butt covered and will sell his soul to guarantee his safety. There is nothing wrong with that unless your actions cause the deaths of others. When Will Bowman calls Snyder with a proposition, Snyder makes a deal…then that little rascal makes another deal with the Blackjacks.


Noa died trying to get the gauntlet back to the rebellion group, but she died for nothing. The Rap, which had defected from the Hosts, has somehow been recaptured and returned to the Global Authority.


If there are any organic components to this thing, I sure as hell didn’t see any. What I saw was a robot that needed its circuits fixed. Are the Raps more like the Borg? Is this what we get when all bodily parts have been replaced?

Team Bowman

Katie and Will are unable to contact Noa’s people at Henessey’s hideout, and that means they don’t know that the Rap was recaptured. They are followed back home by the Blackjacks and a shootout occurs which leaves Morgan dead.


Broussard is devastated, but it makes him angry enough to kill all the Blackjacks. Team Bowman hides out at Carl’s house where they decide to call Snyder for an exchange: the gauntlet for their safety out of the bloc.


Apparently Maddie has never watched an episode of “The Walking Dead” because if she did, she wouldn’t have dragged a heavy suitcase around town. She would have hidden from the Red Hats and any of her former “church friends” but she is clueless without her sister.


I do feel sorry for Maddie because she was trying to survive the best way she could, but sleeping with Nolan turned her against Katie and made her lose her son. Maddie is forced into an evacuation center after a Redhat hits her.


One of the funniest scenes in an otherwise tense episode was seeing Snyder jump like a cat when he realized that Broussard was with Will for their secret meeting. It was no laughing matter after Snyder told Will what was really going down with the evacuation. Snyder promises to get the Bowmans through the gateway if they take him with them. Bram isn’t happy. He knows what Snyder did at that work camp. Katie and Will dress as Redhats and act as Snyder’s official transport out of the city.


It was interesting to watch how Will and Snyder talked their way out of a dangerous situation when they were stopped by the Redhats at the border. Snyder told the Redhats at the Gateway about the Total Rendition. I would love to learn more about the Redhats and why they are working for the Hosts. We witnessed something curious about these soldiers tonight. The Redhats aren’t necessarily bad people…they are good people following bad orders. As Snyder and Team Bowman flee the bloc, alien ships hover over the city.


There were so many loose ends on this season finale. I can’t believe that Burke is still alive. Does this mean trouble for Will? I want to know what happens to Maddie and the other people in the LA Bloc. I want to know if Broussard was able to do any damage to the Red Hats that came searching for him. And, I want to know if Snyder betrays the Bowmans with that homing beacon he activated. The good news is that we’ll get all the answers next year because it’s official…there will be a Third Season of Colony. See you next year, and stay free!


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