Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse S02 E11

7 Apr

The Expanse - Season 2

On the last episode of “The Expanse” Bobbie went to the beach. Avasarala what Bobbie witnessed during the attack on Ganymede. Dr. Iturbi is puzzled by events taking place on Venus. This week Bobby makes a decision that changes her life forever. Will Team Roci find Mei before the Protomolecule hits the fan? Join me for my review of the best science fiction series on TV.

Here There Be Dragons

The title of this episode speaks of dangerous or unexplored territories and an ancient practice of putting illustrations of dragons or sea monsters on uncharted areas of maps. Tonight’s episode is certainly worthy of this title because what is happening on Venus has everyone up in arms.


While Bobby is threatened by Captain Martens, Team Roci is making their way through unused tunnels in their search for Mei. Dr. Strickland is not alone as he and Mei make their way through the old Ganymede station. Mei wants her dad, but Strickland is very clever at distracting the child with science questions. Mei constant requests to see her father fall on deaf ears as Strickland and his female accomplice, Umea, bicker over the failure of a recent field test.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Dr. Strickland and his merry band of kidnappers are up to. Mei is not the only child they’ve confiscated and she’s not the only child that Dr. Strickland been experimenting on. What will happen to Mei and the other children after they are changed into Protomolecule hybrids?


Naomi is one of the good guys, but she has baggage. When Prax is frustrated with the possibility that they might not find Mei alive, Naomi hits us with a revelation. She had a child. Her baby boy was taken from her. You can feel the heartbreak Naomi suffered as she tells Prax that it took a long time for her give up the search.


We really don’t know enough about Naomi, except that she keeps Holden on his best behavior. I really hope we get to know more about her backstory before this season ends. Maybe we’ll learn more on the third season. Yes, my little space explorers, a third season has been approved.


I have grandsons in the military. One of my grandsons is a Marine, and so, I can truly wrap my mind around the angst that Draper is going through. She is trained to obey orders and be part of the team, but Draper is no dummy and she knows that Martens and the Martian hierarchy are not telling her the truth. Captain Martens tells Draper that she is kicked out of the military and that a ship is coming that day to take her home.


This episode gives more insight into what life is like for children living on Mars. My first thought was of the ancient Sparta. If Mars is basically a military outpost, then children would be expected to give their entire lives over to the military. Like the warriors of ancient Sparta, cowardice and failure to complete a mission is severely frowned upon. When Draper learns that her team died because of a project called Caliban, which was a failed weapons test, she beats the living crap out of Captain Martens and escapes from the embassy.

Team Roci

If you compare The Expanse to another of my all-time favorite series “The Walking Dead” then I would have to say that Naomi is Maggie, Draper is Michonne, Holden is Rick and Amos is Daryl. I am leaning towards Alex being either Glenn or Eugene…but that is still up for grabs. Amos is always the one getting shot at, but he is the most daring of the team. As Ganymede’s systems begin to shut down, Amos gives Prax a gun. Prax is in hunting mode and after locating Umea and the other scientists snacking on pizza, Prax spots his daughter’s backpack.


What did Strickland do to those children? That is exactly what Prax and Team Roci are trying to figure out when they come across the pod with the dead child. Thankfully it’s not Mei. Amos is quick to save the group after someone tosses a grenade into the room, but the mystery deepens when the dying Umea tells Holden that the Protomolecule was created in their image and there is more out there!


This lady is my favorite Ice Queen, and she’s one hell of a smart cookie. While Avasarala’s spy on Arboghast deals with the Martian ship that is tailing them, and getting a probe close enough to the surface of Venus to see what havoc Eros has caused on Venus; Errinwright arranges a meeting with Jules-Pierre Mao. Cotyar worries that it may be a trap, but Avasarala looks like the Cheshire cat that’s swallowed a big fat rat. Luckily, Avasarala gets a surprise visitor with some startling information


Alex was the star of this episode. With a “No Fly” mandate keeping him from landing legally on Ganymede, Alex did some awesome deductions with the help of the ship’s computer to slingshot his way through the Jovian moons. When Alex shows up outside one of the airlocks on Ganymede, Naomi breaks the bad news to Team Roci. Naomi is heading back to the Somnambulist to help evacuate survivors from Ganymede. Holden handled this news with charm. He kissed Naomi and sent Amos to help her. I’m really glad that Holden sent The Expanse’s version of Daryl to keep Naomi safe, but I do hope these two lovebirds get back together soon.


Now that Draper has defected, will Avasarala do right by this good soldier? Let’s hope so. We are left with three big questions: What the hell is happening on Venice? Where are Mei and the other children? What are Holden and Alex’s plans if they do succeed in capturing a Protomolecule Hybrid?

See you next week, my little Belters, and let’s celebrate a third season of The Expanse.


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