Gilbert Speaks on “Colony” S02 E12

1 Apr


Holy Espionage! While Ex-Proxy Snyder is getting down and dirty on this week’s episode of “Colony” and Team Bowman makes a last ditch attempt to retrieve the gauntlet, Helena gets terrifying news. Grab your drone and follow me.


Seppuku: Definition: a ritual form of suicide used by Samurai Warriors to avoid surrender or atone for a shameful act. Is Broussard the Samurai?

What do we really know about Broussard’s past? He was in the military and he was a sniper. In a flashback we learn about a cover up that Broussard was involved in during his stay at the Basra Province in 2014. Broussard wanted to tell the truth, but was coerced not to. Only five men know the true story and three are dead.

Will and Katie are desperate to get that gauntlet for Noa, who finally tells our resistance fighters that her team has a RAP who has defected. I’m still digesting this news. Are there nice RAPS? Why would a RAP defect?


Noa explains the importance of the gauntlet. Apparently, runaway RAP wants to interfere with the Greatest Day. Are you buying this? If so, I have a wall across the American/Mexican border I would like to sell you.

Katie and Will convince Bram to tell them how to contact Karen Brun. The Red Hand is not only a thorn in Team Bowman’s side, but also to Proxy Snyder. Karen has to go down, but who will get to her first?

Proxy Snyder

Peter Jacobson’s Proxy Snyder is one of my favorite characters on the show. This guy has nine lives and always lands on his feet and that’s because he knows how to play the game and who to play it with. Why is he really helping Helena (Ally Walker)? It’s not like they trust each other. Hell! They don’t even like each other, but they do want to save the LA Bloc and that means they have to get rid of Alcala. There is just one problem, the IGA are not fond of musical chairs and the LA Bloc goes through Proxys like firewood.

Snyder finds out about the missing file that contained information on the LA Bloc’s upcoming extinction schedule, and Snyder hatches a plan to use Nolan to get to Alcala.


Katie warned Maddie that she couldn’t trust Nolan. He sent his first wife to the Factory. What a sweetheart! After Alcala tells Nolan to get rid of Maddie, he talks her into sending her son to camp. Now, there are snakes, and then you have your vipers. Nolan is a viper who makes love to Maddie before having the Red Hats arrest her. Luckily for Maddie, there is another viper in the game and he will use Maddie to bring down Nolan. I didn’t blame Maddie for working with Snyder. At least Snyder keeps his promise. Maddie doesn’t get sent to the factory, but someone does.

Team Bowman

When the first meeting between Team Bowman and Karen Brun goes sour (Karen refuses to give up the gauntlet), Broussard tells Katie and Will that Karen is a plague. She has to die. Plans are made to invade the theatre where the Red Hand hides. In the gunfight, Noa is killed along with Karen. Will and Katie get the gauntlet, but Broussard stays behind in order to help his friends escape. Yep, Broussard is an honorable man and maybe he’s ready to make amends but he gets a big surprise.


Why didn’t the drones kill Broussard when they had him trapped? They killed the Red Hands who had Broussard surrounded. When Broussard returns to the hideout and tells Katie and Will what happened, Will admits the same thing happened to him as he was returning with Charlie. We don’t know why Broussard and Will were spared but I’m guessing it has to do with those pods in the back of the Blackjacks’ van. With Noa dead, Team Bowman is stuck with a gauntlet and no map. Silly me, but shouldn’t they have asked for directions before the mission.



Helena and Snyder are happier than peas in a pod. The Red Hand has been destroyed. Alcala is under their thumb and, Nolan is on a ship heading to the factory. At least Snyder kept his word to help Maddie get released. Unfortunately she’s homeless and doesn’t know where her son is.

Helena’s pleasure in a job well done is short lived when she gets an upsetting message from IGA. Let’s see how loyal Helena is to Snyder and if she’ll tell him about the Total Rendition planned for the LA Bloc.

See you next week for the season finale!


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