Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S02 E10

31 Mar


After the unfortunate shootout on the Somnambulist on last week’s episode, Holden and Team Roci are now on Ganymede searching for Prax’s daughter and notice something strange about the plants. What is the connection to Draper? Find out after the jump.


The importance of Ganymede to the people of Mars and the Belters is revealed in tonight’s episode. When Prax inspects the dying plant life in the agriculture dome, he is shocked to see that the plants are not getting the best nutrients to stay alive. He tells Amos that once the plants dies, the whole ecosystem falls apart.


The reason I love “The Expanse” so much is that they cover everything. People have to eat and not all planets offer the right ingredients to produce the variety of food that we have on Earth. This means that when we do start to colonize other planets, we need a way to farm. It won’t be easy unless we transport a million tons of top soil, water, and friendly insects to whatever planet we decide to live on. If what Prax fears is true, then the Belters and the Martians will starve.

Did you ever wonder what farming on Mars would be like? NASA has the story here.

Naomi is still fuming about the events on the Somnambulist when Prax runs into a friend that is also searching for his child. The friend had assumed that Prax abandoned ship, but when he realizes that Prax is trying to find Dr. Strickland, the friend tells him to find a man named, Roma, but he better bring plenty of canned chicken to get this man to talk.


Holden and Naomi question relief workers about the mysterious Dr. Strickland while they look for any signs of the Protomolecule. Holden feels that the Protomolecule is there, but so far, no evidence. Amos further upsets Naomi after he beats up on Roma when the con-artist refuses to help them find Mei. Naomi is worried that each act of aggressiveness will become second nature to the Roci crew. She wants no part of that. Roma locates a video of Strickland taking a frightened Mei to an abandoned part of the station. Are the other missing children there?


I love the Draper character and Frankie Adams plays her Martian Marine with believable passion. Draper knows what she saw on Ganymede, but Martens tells her that it’s in her head. When Draper asks permission to see the ocean, Martens tells her that she is to stay in her room until transport back to Mars. Draper finds a way to escape and heads out on her own.


Errinwright has his people go over Draper’s spacesuit and what he discovers scares the truth right out of him. He finally confesses to Avasarala that he’s been working with Jules Mao. Foxy Avasarala already knew that Errinwright and Mao were working together, but when he shows her the information on the creature that attacked Draper, Avasarala wants to question the girl again.


Draper is out of her element. She has to learn how to exist in a world with atmosphere. After she escapes from her room, she encounters the poor who live in tents outside of the U.N. grounds. When she meets Nico, he tells her how to get to the ocean in exchange of her bone density pills. Did you ever wonder about the long time effect of living off-world? Here is another NASA update. Poor Nico! Apparently, Trumpcare is the healthcare of the future and it sucks! The drinking water is polluted and apparently so is the food….I’m guessing Avasarala and her friends don’t have this problem.


Cotyar and Avasarala find Draper before the Martian officials do. Avasarala tells Draper that the creature is real and that Mars is responsible. Draper tells Avasarala that the people of Earth don’t take care of their ocean…how true…. and that she doesn’t believe Avasarala.

Now we are left with two mysteries. Was Avasarala telling Draper the truth? Is Mars responsible for what happened to Draper? What will happen to Draper now that she knows the creature is real?


Will Holden and Team Roci get to Mei before Dr. Strickland makes her and the other children into Protomolecule Hybrids?

Will Alex get past the MCRN “No-fly” zone edict to save his friends?

I can’t wait until the next episode!!


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