Gilbert Speaks On “The Walking Dead” S07 E15

27 Mar


The good news for this episode of “The Walking Dead” is that Sasha is still alive. The bad news is that Sasha is alive and a prisoner of Negan. Maggie needs to watch her back as Team Rick visit Oceanside. A lot can happen in the two remaining episodes of this season…so buckle up…and meet me after the jump.

Something They Need

Holy Lady Nuts! Is Negan, the master of his own personal harem, against rape? The most worthy antagonist has many sides to their personalities and tonight we get to see Negan play the gentleman when Sasha is almost raped by one of his men. Rape is not acceptable in Negan’s world, although all other brutalities are. Negan surprises Sasha by offering her a job after he kills Davey, then leaves her a knife to kill Davey when he becomes a walker. I am so torn over Negan. One week I want to kill him and the next; give him a big hug.


Why is Eugene so content with being a part of Negan’s team? When Eugene brings Sasha bedding and water, he reveals how lost and useless he felt seeing Abe and Glenn killed and why becoming a team member for Negan was the better of two evils. Eugene lives his life almost like the video games he loves to play. He stays alive by moving on to the next level of whatever life throws at him. Eugene is a geek with a big heart and he’s actually become one of my favorites.

Sasha has seen a side of Negan that belies everything she’s ever known about him. He tells her that he and his people are not monsters…but she saw him bashed in the skulls of her friends. He definitely wants Sasha on his team for two reasons: she has beach ball sized lady nuts and, she can tell him what Team Rick has up their sleeve…All Sasha has to do is betray her friends.


A promise is a promise until lives depend on you breaking a vow. Tara kept her little secret for a long time, but war is on the horizon and she takes Team Rick to Oceanside. Natania will not give in easy, but guns are needed.


While the clock starts ticking, Tara waits for the queen bee. I was surprised that Team Rick took all the guns. How is a community of women and children going to protect themselves without weapons? When a school of barnacle walkers attack Oceanside, Team Rick protects the town. These kelp and barnacle walker were freaking amazing to look at.


The man is a loser and he knows it, but is Gregory a bad guy? You can see the resentment in his eyes as he watches Maggie give farming advice to a member of Hilltop. Come on, they even call Maggie, the boss. But when he has the chance to stab her in the back, he doesn’t do it.


Gregory tries to protect the pregnant Maggie from oncoming walkers, but he’s never killed a walker before. Maggie comes to the rescue, but Gregory’s image is tarnished after a passing group witness the fight. Maggie realizes that she might be able to make a friend of Gregory. We are left to wonder why Gregory is looking at a map and Simon’s note. Is he going to rat out Maggie?


Cyndie had to knock out Granny Natania to save Tara, but Oceanside will not be helping in the war against Negan. That’s too bad, but at least, Rick has his guns.

Gregory might be buying himself a one way ticket into big trouble if he tries to turn over Maggie to Negan. Maybe Kal can talk him out of it

Eugene tried to help Sasha adjust to living on Easy Street, but she’s decided that it’s better to die than betray her friends. Her pleas for a weapon, place poor Eugene in a dilemma. He likes Sasha. Unfortunately for Sasha, Eugene really believed that she was trying to kill herself and brings her poison. Sasha will need to use those lady nuts to find another way to kill Negan.


Rosita has a big surprise for Team Rick when they return from Oceanside. She has someone locked up in the town prison. Dwight! Is this a trick? Is Dwight switching teams? Rick aims his gun at Dwight and tells him to kneel.

There is one episode left. We all know that it’s going to end with a cliffhanger that will have us bitching until next season…and that’s okay. Life never plays out as planned and this is why TWD so great. There are no “Story Book” solutions on this show. But, I’m betting that after watching seven seasons of this kick-ass series, we all know how to survive when the real apocalypse begins. See you next week, my little walker snacks.

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