Gilbert Speaks On “Colony” S02 E11

26 Mar


If you think teenagers are stressfully defiant when things are going well, imagine what trouble they can get into when there is an alien invasion. On this episode of “Colony” Bram is center stage this week, and he’s fallen in with the wrong crowd. How does this effect the Bowman family? Find out after the jump.

Lost Boy

This was an excellent episode in that we were able to see how one act of terror impinged on both the Bowman family’s plans to leave the bloc and Alan Snyder plans to undermine Proxy Alcala. If you’ve ever doubted the power of the cult mentality, this episode showed how easily a good boy can be coerced to do bad things.


Bram has smart, loving parents, but he seeks advice from the leader of the Red Hand. Was it because Karen Brun offered a faster solution to the occupation? Karen’s pet peeve is collaborators, and her goal is to wipe out anyone who his helping the aliens. Bram and Patrick are partnered up and told to dress in gardener clothing. Once they pass through the Green Zone’s security, they go to their assigned housed with the goal of killing all collaborators. Is Bram capable of killing? My theory is this: If you bring a gun to a poker game; people are going to get shot.

Alan Snyder

Ex-Proxy Snyder wants his old job back and has joined forces with Governor General Helena to undermine the present Proxy. Snyder pays a visit to the Ambassador King, who is visiting the Green Zone. King isn’t willing to demote the residing Proxy. It will send out the wrong message.


The ever determined Snyder won’t give up and pays a visit to another powerful man, but before he can meet with the Minister of Intelligence, gunshots are heard. Snyder is alone. He’d already sent the Red Hats on an errand. People are shooting at him.


Surprisingly, after last week’s episode, the Blackjacks haven’t taken Maddie away from her life of luxury with Nolan, but that might soon change. After Bram and Patrick are in a shootout where Patrick dies, he shows up at his aunt’s home asking for help. Maddie is suspicious, and rightfully so. Bram tells the second of big lies in this episode. The first was to his dad when Bram told Will that he only went to see Karen to tell her how Maya died.


Bram’s second will endanger Maddie’s life and that of her son. Because Maddie and Katie aren’t speaking, she believes his lie that he was just released from prison and can’t find his parents. Bram talks Maddie into driving him to safety, but first they have to get past security.


Judge Judy always claims on her television show that you can’t trust teenagers. Her exact message is, “Teenagers lie all the time.” Bram proved the good Judge was right on target in this episode. Bram played his father and he played his aunt who is already on shaky ground with the Blackjacks. Maddie had to lie to security to get Bram through that gate, but her Spidey senses was telling her that Bram wasn’t being upfront with her and so she kicks him out of the car. Unfortunately for Maddie, the Red Hats will have a record of her passengers, and it will come back to haunt Maddie.

When Bram makes it safely home, Katie is upset. Will and Broussard are out there looking for Bram, which is dangerous because the Blackjacks have a pod set aside for Will if they capture him. When Katie asks Bram to tell her what happened, he admits that he helped blow up the RAP ship and as a result the RAP’s blew up the prison camp along with the Red Hats, staff and prisoners. Even after Katie tells Bram that Karen ordered a hit on his family, he doesn’t get it.


Bram tells his third lie of the episode, but we see the whole truth via flashback. Bram swore to his mother that he did not kill anyone. Bram not only killed Ambassador King, he did so in a cunningly cold manner. Ambassador King was collaborating with the aliens against his own people and probably deserved to die…but… Bram will be responsible for the chaos that will soon follow.

Luckily for Foxy Proxy Snyder, he fell into a ditch and survived the massacre. Snyder has the ticket to save his butt, but it will involve Nolan and that will put Maddie in the crosshairs of the Blackjacks. The dominoes are beginning to topple.

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