Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S02 E09

24 Mar


Heads are going to roll when Avasarala finds out the truth about the Ganymede disaster. That doesn’t bide well for Bobbie Draper or Team Rocinante if Earth finds out they are heading back to Ganymede to find Doctor Strickland. On this week’s episode of “The Expanse” will Bobbie Draper become a pawn between Earth and Mars? Find out after the jump

The Weeping Somnambulist

The title refers to a Ceres registered food freighter that spent twenty years delivering food from Ganymede to Ceres prior to the big disaster. Santichai and Melissa, who run the Weeping Somnambulist, are frightened by strangers who have boarded their rescue ship. But no worries because these pirates are really Team Rocinante and they are hitching a ride to Ganymede while Alex hides their ship behind a nearby moon. Holden, Naomi, and Amos are desperate to find Dr. Strickland and Dr. Meng’s little girl.


Imagine Dr. Meng’s shock to discover that Dr. Strickland might be using his daughter’s genetic disorder as part of a secret experiment with the protomolecule. The plan to land unnoticed on Ganymede goes awry when real pirates attack the ship.


Poor Bobbie Draper! This is her first trip to Earth and it’s not a pleasure trip. She is part of the investigation of what happened on Ganymede. She knows the truth, but is forbidden to tell, plus her body has to adjust to the heavier atmosphere on Earth. From a comment that a superior officer makes to Bobbie, we learn that the oceans on Earth are filthy toilets. Makes you realize how important the EPA is and why we should dread the dismantling of this department. Luckily that won’t happen….oh shit, never mind!


Earth is a corporate cesspool that is afraid of losing its hold on the Belters and Mars. The inquisition begins with Draper testifying before the Secretary General of the U.N. Draper has been advised by the Martian Honchos to lie and say that her friend Private Travis shot first. But, that wily Avasarala knows there is more to this story. As the Martian delegates offer to pay for most of the damage on Ganymede, Avasarala questions Draper again and is shocked to learn about the soldier she saw without an Evac suit. How is this possible? Marten’s outburst gets Draper to revert to her original story.

The U.N. ship, Arbogast, is approaching Venus on a “fact-finding mission” to see what happened to Eros. Colonel Janus and Dr. Iturbi argue over what they will find while a Martian ship approaches to make sure they are not breaking protocol. Is Dr. Iturbi correct in his theory of alien civilizations? What they see on Venus shocks everyone.


Holden is trying to destroy all the protomolecule, but his hitching a ride on the Weeping Somnambulist has backfired after a shootout between the pirates and Team Rocinante. Melissa is so distraught over Santichai’s death; she kicks Holden off her freighter. What can poor Holden say? Melissa had been predicting this very result ever since he boarded her ship. They better find a way to get on Ganymede soon, because all hell is going to break loose.


Avasarala, who is now aware of the unknown soldier on Ganymede (be he human, alien or hybrid), has received upsetting news from Iturbi. How can Earth keep its control over Belters and Mars if the mystery involving Eros keeps changing the rules of the game? I’d mentioned several episodes ago that maybe Julie and Miller didn’t die in that crash on Venus. I hope I’m right because something strange is happening on Venus and it might be connected to Eros and what it carried aboard. Will we ever find out who is behind the conspiracy?


Bobbie Draper is my new hero! Frankie Adams plays her character like a true Marine. Draper does honor to the code, “Semper Fidelis, Always faithful. Oorah!

The Expanse is keeping its loyal fans on the edge of their seats with a space opera that is well written, scientifically possible, and presented by a top notch cast


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