Gilbert Speaks: A Journey of the Soul with Jason Foster

24 Mar

Jason and Mike 2

Jason is a fellow psychic, light bearer, and friend. I’m very excited about his journey into the spiritual world. Jason, who is a Reiki Master, IET practitioner, empath, intuitive, and Angel Card Reader, is starting his own business at The Center, Life in Balance in Medford NJ. Did you ever wonder what entices a person into the world of Spirituality? Join me as Jason tells his story.

Gilbert: What attracted you to the spiritual world?

Jason Foster: My journey into Spirituality and the spirit world began ten years ago back, in 2007. I had reached a rough patch and a low point in my life and where I was that I needed something more to my life. I did not know exactly what it was I was looking for. Just that something was missing. I could not find the answers to the questions I had about myself, my health, and my way of being, and set out to find those answers. I realized that the only way I could find those answers, and find myself, was to reconnect to what we truly are at our core, a spiritual being, living a human existence.

Jason and diane 2

Gilbert: What paths have led you to what you do now?

Jason Foster: Back during my journey into understanding myself and helping myself with the anxiety and fear I was living in I sought ways to heal myself. During my journey to finding those answers I found various healing modalities. One of the earliest ones I found was Reiki, an energetic healing system. So I got myself attuned to Reiki to learn to heal my body, my mind, and my spirit. Opening up to Reiki really allowed my connection to spirit to grow. I would then start doing distant Reiki sessions with people around the globe off and on for 10 years. During that time I learned a lot about myself and healing. I would then continue to keep putting off doing Reiki and healing work while trying to focus on other stuff in my life. Yet every few months it would call me back to it. Of course I would never listen to it and would keep running away from it. I’ve learned the world of spirit is very patient with us and will keep nudging us in the right direction. Until we finally get there.

Back in 2015 I fully devoted my time and energy into healing myself and changing everything about it. That was when I really got serious with all of this. I started working with crystals, and changed what I ate and started taking my health serious. From there it just spiraled into things I never even dreamed of. It really took off from there.

During that time I would also pull tarot cards for myself and for others, while I worked to strengthen my connection to spirit and working with the spirit realm.  Eventually I would then be pulled back into working the energies of Reiki and really focus on healing work for others as well as myself. After spending so many years working with healing others distantly, it was time to work with others in person. It has been a wonderful journey that has surprised me in so many ways.

Jason & Diane

Gilbert: What are the services that you’ll be offering to your clients at The Center, Life in Balance?

Jason Foster: Currently I will be offering a Reiki healing, which lasts forty five minutes to an hour. I will also be offering Angel Card readings.

Gilbert: Can you explain what each service involves: Reiki, IET, Angel Card readings?

Jason Foster: Reiki is form of energy healing that was founded in Japan, by Mikao Usui. A Reiki healer then channels the universal life force; known as Reiki, to the person(s) they are sending it to. They act as a channel for this energy to flow through them and into the person by the use of their hands. A Reiki session can be hands on the person and/or hands off. Reiki then flows into the person’s aura, physical body, and chakra system, clearing things out and working to balance the individual’s energy body, which in turn benefits the physical body.   For an Angel Card reading, I connect with my spirit guides/higher self, as well as the spirit guides of the person who is seeking a reading, and together I consult my Angel cards to give the individual the insight/wisdom they need at this time to guide them in their life. At the end of the day it is the individual who navigates their own life, and makes their own decisions to create the life they want. An Angel card reading offers some added insight into things and in many ways offers a different perspective that the individual may not have seen before.

Gilbert: How may clients contact you? Also give me your website!

Jason Foster: In the past I have worked more distant with my healing work. So I have used various websites/forums that have allowed me to offer my services to their members. I have within the past year shifted that to working more hands on with people, working with many people that I know personally, and am now branching that out to more people outside of my direct circle of influence.

Jason's room

My website is That is what this is all about helping others to heal their life so they too can love life. The website also has many stories and articles about my journey over the years and the various trials and tribulations that have helped me get to where I am and become the person I am today.

Thank you, Jason, for this interview and I will also share your Facebook page for anyone who wants to connect with you.

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