Gilbert Speaks on “Colony” S02 E10

21 Mar


What if America was occupied by a foreign entity? How well would we do if the invader was more powerful than us? “Colony” has taken that theory and ran with it and the results are frighteningly close to what we would experience if the occupation was another nation, or an alien species. There would be collaborators and there would be a resistance group. Would we survive as well as the Bowmans? Let’s see where loyalties lay after the jump.

The Garden of Beasts

The Bowman family is together again, but they are in hiding. Katie wants to save her sister Maddie, but Maddie is happy where she is. She has the protection of Nolan for her and her son…or does she. Katie does give Maddie a way out if needed…tie a shoelace around the pole outside of the Yank.


In order for the Bowmans to escape from the bloc and join the resistance group living out in the desert, they need to steal a vehicle, but not any old SUV. It has to be a Blackjack’s SUV. So who exactly are these men in black leather jackets and why do they bring their own supply of alien pods with them? While Broussard and the Bowmans try to capture a vehicle, and Noa plans to meet with the leader of the Red Hand; we see how the Blackjacks capture a man and force green liquid down his throat before sealing him in the pod. Damn! It reminds me of the X-Files Film.

Proxy Snyder

I love Peter Jacobson’s Proxy Snyder. He is out to save his skin, but he does show that he hasn’t abandoned all of his humanity; remember he saved Bram. I love how Snyder puts Bennett it his place. No one wants to bet against Snyder!


The Blackjacks pay a visit to Nolan’s home and begin their interrogation of Maddie. Nolan is told by Snyder that he has to let the Blackjacks take Maddie. Will he? Don’t forget that Nolan sent his first wife on a one way trip to the factory.


He convinces Maddie to betray her sister as proof that she is loyal to the occupation. Katie was not the least surprised by her sister’s actions. In fact, she was planning on Maddie’s betrayal to capture the Blackjack SUV with the special transponder that will get them over the border.


Okay, so here is my question. Are the Blackjacks aliens using human bodies? Is that what those pods are for? Are the aliens using our bodies to live in our toxic environment? That is the winning question and with the Bowman’s failure to obtain the SUV, we might have to wait for the answer.


Shocker alert: Broussard tells Will that one of the pods was meant for him. It’s even more urgent that the Bowmans leave the bloc, but there will be one missing. While his parents are trying to find a way out, Bram abandons his younger siblings and joins the Red Hand and gives his loyalty to Karen Brun aka the “Cardinal.” Maddie did the ultimate unsisterly act when she set Katie up. Katie is the forgiving type, but she’s also big on loyalty. I don’t see these two sisters making up anytime soon.

Nothing is ever the same after an occupation, and people will usually break into two groups; collaborator or renegade. One puts his life above everyone else, and the other puts the human race, first. Which one will you be? See you next week.


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