Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S07 E14

20 Mar


On this week of “The Walking Dead” is about forgiveness and bravery. We have 2 episodes left in this season and it’s nice to pull away from all the fighting and observe as Team Rick open up to each other, but where doves fly…there are also snakes. Meet me after the jump

The Other Side

Maggie and Sasha are training the people of Hilltop to prepare for the upcoming war with the Saviors with slice and dice lessons using newly forged knives. The good people of Hilltop are beginning to look up to Maggie and Jesus as leaders. Jesus is drawing a map of Negan’s compound, while the very pregnant Maggie falls asleep at the kitchen table. It’s not easy being pregnant during the apocalypse, but at least Maggie has good medical care. Gregory watches from his office as Hilltop functions without his input or orders. This cowardly lion is going to get his due one day, and I can’t wait to say goodbye.


Daryl has been unusually subdued around his friends, but we understand the dark mood of our lone warrior. He feels guilt over Glenn’s death and even though Maggie has reached out to him on several occasions, he can’t forgive himself. It will take the arrival of Simon and his merry men to bring about his exoneration.


Why Sasha and Rosita have chosen to go alone to kill Negan is a puzzlement that offers no sensible answer. Why can’t they wait for all the communities to join forces? What makes her think that she and Rosita can accomplish what Rick failed to do? Sasha knows this is a wild scheme and that is why she steals Jesus’s supply of bullets, and that’s why she won’t tell Maggie to her face what she plans to do. Enid gives Sasha a ten-minute head start before snitching to Maggie, but the arrival of Simon sends everyone scurrying to hide Maggie and Daryl.


I understand the mindset of a collaborator; they love life more than ideology. They believe that their total submission to a tyrant will bring them security and maybe special favors. But, what people like Gregory fail to understand is this: in Negan’s world, where all his people think like the Borg…resistance is futile…and Gregory will eventually meet Lucile.


Simon wants the Hilltop doctor. He tells Carson that his brother met with an unfortunate accident and in exchange for taking the Maggie’s pediatrician, Gregory is given a crate of aspirins. How very nice of Simon. But, the truth is that Simon has more integrity than Gregory will ever have. When Gregory confesses to Simon that his people might overthrow him for a better leader, Simon gives him a note that grants entry into Sanctuary…and hopefully a long overdue meeting with Lucile. Actor, Xander Berkeley, deserves kudos for his amazing portrayal of the sniveling overlord, Gregory.


While Enid tries to distract Roy from going into the root cellar, Daryl and Maggie hide behind the shelves of veggies and grain. After Roy leaves, Daryl and Maggie talk about Glenn and how he died. Norman Reedus did such an excellent job of revealing Daryl’s soul searing grief over his actions, and how his anger caused Glenn’s death. Maggie’s conviction that Daryl wasn’t to blame, and that Glenn had always thought of Daryl as a good person, brings on the absolution of sins and the beginning of a fresh start between friends.


Why Rosita and Sasha? They are adversaries; both in love with the same man. When Rosita tells Sasha that the necklace she is wearing is something that Rosita made specifically for Abe, Sasha doesn’t give it back to her. Even though they are adversaries, their hatred of Negan makes them allies in a one way trip of revenge. After watching Rosita’s expertise at car bombing and knot tying, Sasha wants to know how Rosita became so apocalypse ready. In the end, a truce is formed, and forgiveness is given, but this friendship is placed in danger, but Eugene is spotted in the courtyard.


Not everyone deserves forgiveness, definitely not Gregory when he threatens Jesus, or when he lets Simon take the Hilltop doc. Eugene doesn’t deserve forgiveness when he balks at Rosita’s attempt to rescue him. Was this because Eugene has been fully assimilated into the Negan Borg mentality or does he have a plan of his own to kill Negan.

Sasha is upset at missing that shot at Negan. He was standing too close to the doctor and Eugene, but did she do the right thing by locking Rosita out of the action? As Rosita runs for cover, we are left to wonder if Sasha is killed in the shootout and we wonder if that person standing in the shadows is Daryl or Dwight.

See you next week, my little walker snacks, but always remember this: Don’t wait until it’s too late to forgive.


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