Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S02E08

17 Mar


I can’t say it enough. “The Expanse” is one of the best science fiction shows on television, followed by another of my favorites, “Colony” which is on tonight. “The Expanse” is what you’d get if you were to combine two of television’s top classic science fiction series: “Farscape” and “Firefly.” It is a science fiction crème de la creme! We watched the attack on Ganymede, but what of its survivors? Will the refugees arriving bring some hint of what was behind the attack? Find out after the jump.


One of the people hurt in the Ganymede attack was a botanist named, Dr. Meng. He wakes up on a rescue ship and is unable to find his daughter, Mei, and a fellow survivor and friend, Doris, tells him that the child is most likely dead. Mia was visiting her pedestrian when Sector 4 was destroyed.


If you want a taste of what the refugees are going through right now on Earth, watch how the people on this rescue ship are mistreated and frantic because there are enough supplies to go around…very scary indeed. Doris is from Mars and offers to take Meng home with her until they can rebuild Ganyemede’s agri-farming system.

When the refugees are told that Earth-bound and Mars-bound ships have arrived, they are lined up and herded into the airlocks. But, Dr. Meng is forced to stay behind. As he watches his friend Doris and the others prepare for the airlock to open in order to board the ship from Mars, he is horrified to see that they are shot out into space instead. It appears that the Belters, who are running this rescue ship, have no love for Mars. The slow death of Doris is both shocking and beautifully done with the show’s outstanding special effects. Dr. Meng ends up on Tycho and his attempt to report the crime he just witnessed is put on hold by a doctor who is up to her stethoscope in injured and frightened people.


What makes any series top notch is the cast. The Expanse has a talented cast that makes us love their characters in spite of the flaws. Dominique Tipper’s Naomi is the most mysterious of the characters. We know Naomi is a good person, she has proven this so many times, but what made her hide and not destroy the Rocinante’s sample of Protomolecule? Would she really use this bioweapon against Earth or Mars? Maybe she is having second thoughts about her decision, because she is constantly checking the location of the Protomolecule torpedo she’s hidden in space. Later Naomi and Drummer trace a Protomolecule signal from Ganymede. Hell! This is not good.


Naomi has to put that torpedo on the back burner for now because her friend and fellow belter, Drummer, is under suspicion of aiding Dawes and Diogo of escaping with the scientist…especially when Dawes makes a station-wide video call telling Fred that he is an Earther and not a true friend to the Belters. He also accuses Fred of having the ProtoGen weapon and claims that Fred will use it against the Belters. This announcement sets off two of trouble makers, Staz and Edin who take over the bridge and plan to launch nukes at Earth. When Fred refuses to give over the code to the nukes, the saboteurs shoot Drummer.


Poor bewildered and lovable Amos is so out of it, we wonder if Cortazar already did a lobotomy on him. Let’s hope not because right now, Alex is trying to get Amos to help with the refugees. Amos isn’t interested and this leads to a fight. Was Amos correct? Did Alex abandon his family on Mars? When Alex sees signs that someone is trying to hack into the nukes, he calls Holden and Naomi for backup.


Holden and Naomi figure out that a pediatrician/geneticist, Dr. Lawrence Strickland is connected to the Protomolecule that is on Ganymede.


That is the same doctor who has Dr. Meng’s little girl. Holden is a boy scout stuck in hell. I love this character. He’s always trying to do the right thing, but sometimes his moral gyro goes haywire.


Sometimes good people go off the trail and it takes someone who loves them very much to reel them back to their moral center. Holden admits to Naomi that he intended to kill Cortazar before that wack job was kidnapped by Dawes. Naomi has her own dark secrets, but she is loyal to Holden.


Team Rocinante comes to the rescue and saves Fred and Drummer, and Staz and Edin meet a quick death from a pissed off Drummer.

Thankfully, Dr. Meng is on Tycho Station and he is recruited to help Holden find Dr. Strickland and little Mei, but Holden loses Fred’s support for going back to Ganymede. Sometimes, even when you win…you lose.


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