Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” Bury Me Here

13 Mar


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Rick and Michonne went on a honeymoon and Jadis said “Yes”, but things are about to go wrong back at the Kingdom. What will it take for Morgan to fight?


The saviors are living off the land…everyone else’s land that is. But, farming during the apocalypse can’t be easy and tonight King Ezekiel receives bad news from Nabila that is very close to a biblical locust attack: Weevils have attacked the garden!

It appears that insects are alive and well even though civilization is circling that drain which isn’t surprising considering that there are 10 quintillion insects at all times which equals 300 pounds of insects for every pound of humans. Ezekiel knows that the weevil infestation not only threatens the food the Kingdom eats, but the ransom that is offered to the Saviors on a weekly schedule. The fields have to be burnt and that will surely cause a problem that in the long run will involve Morgan and Carol.


Carol can’t sleep. There was something about Daryl’s visit to the Kingdom that just didn’t make sense. She wants answers. Carol is off to see the wizard and she does it Ninja style. Carol is the Wonder Woman of the apocalypse and when she starts ripping signs from the ground and spearing walkers like a human shish kabob, then I’m up and cheering.

Carol wants Morgan to talk about Team Rick, but it’s not his place to tell her the truth. “Isn’t this what you wanted, or is it too late to get away?” Morgan’s question to Carol, we learn later, was almost prophetic for what comes later.

If Carol wants answers then she needs to ask Daryl, but not today. Today, Carol returns to her cottage to sort things out.

Morgan is the Hulk of the apocalypse. He doesn’t want to lose his temper. He doesn’t want that beast to come out. This is why he lives and breathes Aikido. With Aikido, you disable your enemy without killing him. Morgan is able to keep the beast under control as long as he behaves like a Zen Master.


Morgan likes living at the Kingdom. He’s made friends, and he is happy training his two apprentices; Benjamin and Henry. The bond that has developed between Morgan and those boys help him grieve for Dwayne. Benjamin, the Kingdom’s golden boy, gives Morgan a painting of a bullfighter.

Richard wants to fight the Saviors, but he can’t get anyone in the Kingdom to back him up. Carol won’t fight and neither will Morgan. Richard plans a ruse that will lead to a confrontation, but first he digs a grave. The events that Richard set in motion: the grave; the shopping cart barrier; the missing melon, were all calculated to start a war. He knew that Gavin would be pissed that they arrived late for the meeting. Richard was even willing to take the bullet if it would start the revolution, but when you’re dealing with the Saviors; nothing goes as planned.


The hand that Richard dealt the Kingdom was full of good intentions, but it caused Benjamin his life. When they are unable to save Benjamin after rushing to Carol’s cottage, Morgan is devastated. The strain of keeping the beast under control has taken a toll as we watch Morgan relive the past and remember the deaths of his wife and son. Morgan remembers something that Richard did before the meeting and he finds the missing melon that started the whole shebang.

Morgan is still in Zen mode when he gets Richard to confess, then promise to tell Ezekiel about the sabotage. When they return the next day to hand over the missing melon, Morgan’s beast finally emerges and like the Hulk, all control is gone. Gavin’s men and Ezekiel’s men watch in shock as Morgan strangles Richard with his bare hands. Morgan has lost it. He refers to Benjamin as Dwayne. He buries Richard in that open grave and goes straight to Carol.


Morgan is really saying goodbye to Carol when he comes to her cottage and tells her everything that Negan did to Team Rick, starting with the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Morgan is no longer the quiet Zen Master and his only goal is to single-handedly kill every Savior he comes upon. But, Carol offers him the same deal that Ezekiel offered her. “You can go and not go.”

The revolution has begun. Carol tells King Ezekiel that they have to fight. Ezekiel agrees, but not today. “Today we plant our crops.” While Carol, Henry and Ezekiel work the garden, Morgan sharpens his fighting stick. The Zen Master’s rod is now a spear and the war is on.

See you next week, my little walkers, but remember this…the price of war can only be paid with the loss of one’s soul.


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