Gilbert Speaks on “Colony” S02 E09

10 Mar


I have to admit that the second season of “Colony” has kept all of its fans on the edge of our seats as the Bowmans try to survive the occupation. Bob Burke wants to bring down Will, and he’s got the golden ticket; the Bowman kids. Why did the co-pilot fall from the sky? Find out after the jump.

Tamam Shud

So, my little resistance fighters, it appears that there is a chink in the aliens’ armor. The answer is hidden in the title of this episode. It was interesting to know that the aliens can’t handle something that isn’t digital, they can’t detect it. Remember this when our own country comes under a Corporate occupation…think “Prepper.” There is definitely a resistance movement going on outside of the wall and they’re smart enough to use a biplane to get past the aliens, but although the pilot lands safely, her co-pilot didn’t and this brings us to bulldog Burke, played fabulously wicked by actor Toby Huss.

Burke is practically foaming at the mouth in his anticipation of getting Will arrested. He’s done his homework and has connected the dots between Katie, Maddie, and the missing tape. While Burke salivates in his desire to destroy Will, his boss, Bennett (Christian Clemenson) wants to move at a slower and more calculated pace. Burke gets some help when it’s discovered that Jennifer McMahon was able to delete everything she had on the Bowmans. Can Burke get poor Emmett to rat on Will Bowman?

Den Mother

Katie and Broussard go to the movies, but the film sucks! Just kidding, their meeting with Hennessy about the unfortunate sky diving co-pilot is nixed when they find Hennessy deader than a bad film review. Back at Hennessey’s hideout, they discover the gauntlet is missing and receive a message via short wave radio from someone called “Den Mother.” Without the daily secret word, communication with Den Mother is cut off.

Excuse the interruption in the recap as I stress the importance of being apocalypse ready. Everyone should be prepared for a major disaster: “storm of the century; missile attack; earthquakes; alien invasion, or what we’re seeing now with the Corporate/Alt-right takeover of our country. Every home should have its own generator for when the power goes down. We should all own a short wave radio for when the government shuts down the free press. Oh it’s happening, little renegade. Check out the history books and something called “Radio Free Europe.” You can purchase a short wave radio online, from Best Buys or if you’re adventurous…watch a YouTube video on how to make your own.

After contacting Will about the pilot, Katie and Broussard make plans to meet with Will…but Burke has different plans that will put everyone at risk.

Will Bowman

Imagine knowing that there is a countdown on the human race. Imagine knowing that there are humans who know this little tidbit and are still willing to work with the aliens. Imagine trying to be a double agent: working for the machine while helping the resistance.


Will uses a short wave radio at an electronics shop to contact the pilot of the bi-plane, but gets no reply. As Will Bowman heads to his rendezvous with Katie, he realizes he’s being followed. He does connect with his wife on a coffee shop phone before he is captured by Burke’s men.

Will Bowman is between a rock and a hard place even though Emmett didn’t rat him out. Burke has correctly connected the remaining dot. He’s identified Katie as the mysterious woman on the subway platform, and now, he holds Bowman’s children as ransom. Will is forced to contact and meet with Nora, the pilot of the bi-plane if he wants to save his family.


While Bowman plays along with Burke, the governor general, Helena Goodwin is blasting Proxy Alcala about his poor performance. I still can’t wrap my head around humans working for aliens knowing that the sole intention is wiping out their species. How does one carry on obediently while human race is enslaved and slaughtered? That wouldn’t happen today…right?


The Bowman family must be related to cats because they always land on their feet. While Will breaks free from Burke, thanks to the soda vendor and a glass bottle of pop, Katie and Broussard go “Terminator” on the Redhats holding her babies.

As Burke is bleeding on the ground, Will is rescued by the pilot. After the happy reunion with his family in the underground tunnel, Will gives Broussard a message from the pilot, “The real war is about to begin.”

Viva la Resistance!


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