Gilbert Speaks on “The Seventh Man” on Syfy’s The Expanse

9 Mar


If we thought that Sgt. Draper was out of the woods, permanently, on last week’s episode of “The Expanse” we were in for quite a surprise with this latest episode. There are power plays happening on Tycho that might endanger an already shaky summit meeting. Pick your side and meet me after the jump.


Anyone who has ever served in the military will understand Bobbie Draper’s dilemma. She is a Martian Marine and she is slowly recovering from the massacre on Ganymede. Frankie Adams did a wonderful job of portraying her character’s angst on trying to remember what the hell happened during the attack. Adams did such a believable job as the good soldier who learns that all her friends are dead. Although Draper wants to do the right thing, we soon learn that Commander Thorsen with his little pills is not that interested in getting the truth out there.


What did Draper remember of the attack? As her memory slowly returns, her first impression that the UN Marines were shooting at her team is quickly put to rest. Those Marines were not shooting at Draper’s team, but at the seventh man chasing them. She remembers that this “man” was anything but human, and as we’ve guessed at the end of last week’s episode: a protomolecule entity.

Draper is an honorable soldier, but like I said in the beginning, there are power plays going on with all the participants. Draper receives the Purple Heart and a trip to Earth. But, there is a catch. Her commander wants her to lie about the situation when she testifies at the peace summit on Earth. Do the Martians understand how dangerous this entity can be? Why the cover up unless they are behind the events on Eros?


I love this character even though I don’t like Avasarala’s methods or reasoning. Shohreh Aghadashloo does such a wonderful job of making Avasarala a woman to fear. She’s not the leader of the UN, but she may be more powerful than anyone on the board. She knows how to get shit done. I can’t wait to hear her question Draper at the peace summit because the reports that are reaching Earth are downright conflicting.


Yes, he’s an earther. Yes, Hogan’s putting his two cents worth of advice where it’s not wanted, but Hogan may be the only ethical person on Tycho right now. He wants everyone to play nice, and as the captain of the Rocinante, he expects his crew to back him. But everyone has their own agenda. Amos is going through his own pivotal re-examination into his purpose in life and his meeting with Cortazar was a bit unsettling. Will Amos have Cortazar mess with his brain? I hope not, especially, since Cortazar is looney as a tune.


Naomi is a belter and although she loves Hogan, she loves her people more, and she leaves us confused as to where her loyalty lies; Fred Johnson or Dawes. The fact that Eros was infected with the protomolecule, and that people of Eros were sacrificed, puts Dawes in a position of power.


Dawes is a tricky old dog. He’s a criminal who passes himself off as the savior of the belters. Dawes demonstrates that he’s not a man to be trusted when he sides with Johnson, only to quickly suggest that Tycho return the nukes to Earth as a show of good faith. With Diogo’s help, and maybe the blind eye of Naomi and Drummer, Dawes is able to kidnap the Protogen scientist.


The fact that there is more protomolecule out there is quite upsetting especially in view of what happened to Eros. Cortazar is missing and the only one captured for the kidnapping is Diogo. Now what?


The Expanse is a well written and well casted science fiction series that entertains us while revealing what could possibly happen in the future when corporations start mining off planet. Is the storyline farfetched? Hell no, and we only need to see how swiftly this administration is stripping worker rights and human rights away to understand that in the future…it won’t matter if you’re an earther, belter or Martian. We will become fodder for the machine.

See you next week for the peace summit. That’s if Dawes doesn’t throw a monkey wrench into the talks.


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