Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead”

6 Mar


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we watched how Eugene maneuvered his way into Negan’s stone heart. But, now that Eugene aka Dr. Smarty Pants has found his niche at Negan’s camp, we need to check on Rick and Michonne. Will their search for supplies bring them to a cache of much needed weapons? Grab hold of your mac and cheese, and meet me after the jump.

Say Yes

Rick and Michonne are on a road trip; seeing the sights; stopping for food and a little loving. Isn’t that what lovers do when they hit the road? It’s all very romantic, but it’s time to return to reality. After stealing beer, chips and a battery from Negan’s men, Rick and Michonne come upon an abandoned school with a carnival on the grounds. I was really expecting a cross over with American Horror Story’s Freak Show and hoping to see Jessica Lange make an appearance as a walker, but what we get are armed walkers…lots of armed walkers.


Don’t worry, Rick and Michonne have a plan…divide and conquer…but first they get some private time after falling through a roof where they find the equivalent to Nirvana here on Earth: Prepper Food!

How important is it to have a supply of food that is easy to cook and has a shelf life of at least a gazillion years? Let’s put it this way…unless you have your own supply of food and water, you are a dead duck. The government will not be there to help you when the apocalypse begins. And, when the “End of Days” finally arrives, what better way to celebrate than with a steaming bowl of ready to eat Chili and Mac and Cheese. Yummy!


Rick is enjoying this time with Michonne and he really doesn’t want to go home. They are finally enjoying a honeymoon that has been denied to them because of Negan. Rick feels safe in Michonne’s arms, but we don’t understand how bad it’s been for Rick until Michonne almost loses him. They are both warriors. Rick knows that Michonne can take on eight walkers while he’s stuck with a windshield walker. It’s almost comical to watch Michonne slice and dice her way through the carnies while Rick stands there with a foot in his hand. We need to laugh. We really need this.


When Michonne thought the walkers were feasting on Rick, she dropped her sword. DROPPED HER SWORD! Michonne was ready to die because life wasn’t worth living without Rick. Luckily it was a deer and not Rick that was under that pile of walkers, but it brought about a much needed conversation between the lovers: people will die; those people might be us; we need to go on without each other.


Rick reveals how badly the deaths of Glenn and Abe affected him. He doesn’t sleep…but while on their little get-a-way, Rick fell asleep in the car. He feels safe with Michonne. They are a sanctuary for each other.


While our little honeymooners were on their road trip, life went on, as usual, at Alexandria. Rosita is angry with everyone including Father Gabe. She wants guns and she wants Negan dead. Gabe stands up for himself, but I think his sermon fell on deaf ears.

Tara knows where she can find guns, but the only one she confides in is baby Judith. Silly rabbit, don’t you know kids always repeat things you don’t want them to say. Does Tara finally tell Rick about Oceanside?


Jadis is one cool Junk Yard Queen. I love how she does business and barters with Rick. She’s not getting that cat back, but if Rick can get her more guns, I think Jadis will be a worthy comrade in the war against Negan.

There’s only one thing that can ruin Rick’s plans to build an army; Tara and Rosita are going rogue. See you next week, my little walker snacks…and remember to stock up on that ready to eat food. We have a president who might tweet us right into World War Three.

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