Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” Paradigm Shift

5 Mar


On this episode of “The Expanse“, we get to flashback 137 years to meet an engineer living on Mars. Solomon Epstein is trying to improve the fuel efficiency for his space ship. Solomon’s experiment backfires and he’s speeding off into space at a dangerous speed. What does this have to do with Eros? Find out after the jump.

Solomon Epstein

Although Solomon Epstein doesn’t survive, what we do know is that his experiment allowed Mars to travel further out into space to not only colonize the belt, but mine the asteroids. Was Solomon’s experiment connected to what happened to Eros?


Back at the UN Security Council on Earth, Avasarala wants a team sent to Venus to investigate what’s left of Eros…and maybe Miller and Julie. Do any of us really believe they are dead? I have a feeling the protomolecule has kept their essence alive.

I have to confess right here and now that I haven’t read the books. I’ve found, for me at least, that knowing what’s in the book might leave me disappointed in what’s happening on the show. I want to be surprised, and besides, series and films should never truly follow the written word if they want to keep us in suspense.

I love how Avasarala pulls rank on Errinwright when she thinks he’s not following the bouncing ball. This is a woman that would be called “Nasty” by a weak leader if she existed in today’s political circus. Although the Avasarala is not my favorite character in the show, she is one that I admire for her strength.


In this episode Avasarala wants to know if there is a connection with Eros and Solomon’s experiment. She also wants Julie’s entire family destroyed if her father doesn’t surrender. Avasarala considers Dr. Michael Iturbi’s request to go on the research mission to Venus a worthy idea. Unfortunately for now, Avasarala doesn’t know is that someone has captured thirty of her nukes.


Hogan breaks the news to his mom and his crew that he and Naomi (Dominique Tipper) are definitely an item. Alex and Amos are fine with this news and were already placing bets on when Hogan would spill the beans. I love how Steven Strait portrays his Hogan character as a caring captain, a good man who is trying to do the right thing even with the shitload of trouble that is dumped upon him and his crew.


His crew, although loyal to him, each has their own backstory and valuable opinion on what to do with the protomolecule. Should they destroy what may be the only specimen? What if someone else has a specimen? Can peace be kept if everyone has a piece of the magic?

Fred Johnson

Was it okay for Fred to capture Earth’s 30 nukes for leverage? Yes! Earth has way too much power over the other players in this game and Fred is going to use whatever advantage he can gain to stay on top. I don’t blame him. He’s right when he tells Holden to pick a side. There is a war coming. Everyone needs to pick a side. Fred and Naomi decide that a hero is needed. Miller becomes a legend and the story is how an Earther/OPA member and a Belter joined forces to save humanity.


We get to see Amos (Wes Chatham) and Alex (Cas Anvar) bond and fight like brothers from a different mother. One is an Earther and one is from Mars, but is the prejudice that they grew up with stronger than their friendship. Naomi is a belter, and she has drawn a clear line in the sand, especially since she did not send the specimen flying into the sun like she agreed to do.


All we have to do is look at our civilization, and the way it is now, to know that the world of “The Expanse” is a likely scenario if humans do colonize Mars and eventually harvest the asteroid belt. Why do you think we’re doing all that space exploration stuff? This ain’t Star Trek where mankind is on a scientific search for knowledge…no little ones…Corporations will be calling the shots and humans will only be worth what they produce or harvest from space.


It’s not that farfetched to imagine the people of Earth waging war against other humans who are living off planet. We bomb other nations now, so it’s no big deal to attack a base on Mars, or within the asteroid belt. Maybe this is why “The Expanse” has such a large fan base. Its storyline hits close to home…mankind at its base level.


The ending of this episode blew my mind as we watched what happened to Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams) and her soldiers while on Ganymede. Instead of a military exercise, the orbital mirrors are destroyed and both UN soldiers and Martian marines die, which leaves us to wonder, “Who is the alien with the strange blue eyes, and why did it attack Draper’s unit?”

The title of the episode explains it all. See you next week.


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