Gilbert Speaks on Indie Film: Shattered Pitch

2 Mar


As an author and a professional blogger, I‘ve had the honor of meeting some amazingly talented people. I’ve done several reviews of Indie Films, both full length and short, and most of the people I interview are Independent actors, producers and directors. Although most of my contacts were strangers, one young lady turned out to be my neighbor from South Philadelphia. Dawn Noel is a talented actress, producer, and dancer (22 Years, Sistah Did What? Law & Order), and I’ve written several articles on her for the Canadian Pop Culture Site, Biff Bam Pop: here and here. When Dawn Noel asked me to review a short film that she produced and also stars in, I immediately said yes. Shattered Pitch was written and directed by Rafael Soto. Did the film meet my expectations?


Shattered Pitch stars Chad Coleman (“The Walking Dead”, The Wire, and Syfy’s The Expanse) as Sammy a music producer with the right connections to help people with their dreams of becoming a star.


There is just one little problem. Sammy is dealing with control issues from a troubled past. Although Sammy’s already in a relationship with the talented dancer, Rachel (Dawn Noel), he quickly falls for Bailee (Lyndsay Haldorson) a girl with the perfect pitch from a small town in Texas. While Sammy introduces Bailee to the right people in the music world, Rachel is introducing Bailee to the drug scene.


The film, which also stars Ava Gaudet, Akeem Smith, and Gina Cantrell, had me hooked as soon as I watched it. Shattered Pitch is a story about Bailee and how she deals with drugs and physical abuse by a man who claims he loves her.


In Shattered Pitch, we see how easily dreams can be sidetracked in the glitzy world of entertainment. Thank you, Dawn Noel for sharing this gem with me. It surpassed all my expectations. Below is the trailer.


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