Gilbert Speaks on the Best of Sci-fi TV: The Expanse & Colony

25 Feb


Holy Collision Course! It’s no secret that The Expanse and Colony are pulling in the number of viewers that they are. Both shows offer top quality scripts and acting. Both shows offer great science mixed just right with political intrigue. In one series, Aliens are invading Earth (Colony) and in the other; Earth invades space (The Expanse) same results…pure thrills. Meet me after the jump for a quick review of this week’s episodes.

The Expanse S02 E05: Home

Avasarala (Shohreh Aghadashloo) and her UN comrades are freaking out because a big ole rock is heading their way. Eros will do as much damage as the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs. Eros is under the control of the protomolecules and it is heading straight to Earth…but why?


Holden (Steven Strait) and his crew on the Rocinante are trying to keep up with the Eros because Miller (Thomas Jane) is trapped on the rock with a malfunctioning nuke. Naomi (Dominique Tipper) has a plan. Blow up Eros before it crashes into Earth…She is confident that they can get Miller off Eros on time. The Rocinante is almost destroyed as it tries to keep up with Eros.

Back on Earth, Errinwright wants to send a massive missile attack against Eros, but first he has to get permission from Mars. Their mission is a failure because they didn’t take into consideration that the protomolecules is protecting Eros from its mission. Avasarala must trust Fred and give him the coordinates of the missiles. Earth has to be evacuated.


I love Miller. He’s not afraid to step out of the box or sacrifice himself for the better good. He is surprised to hear voices and surmises that these voices belong to all the people who were absorbed into the protomolecules. Miller is making his way to the center of Eros with his malfunctioning nuke, but he is in for a big surprise.


Damn! This was the best episode yet. One of the voices that Miller hears is that of Julie Mao. Her consciousness is still alive and part of the protomolecules. When Miller finds Julie, he realizes that she is only trying to go home.


Miller was always in love with Julie and now that he’s found her…or what is left of her; he will not leave her. After he kisses her, he talks her into taking Eros to the planet Venus. Avasarala, Fred Johnson and Holden and his crew witness the impact. Did Miller die?

I am hoping that the protomolecules is keeping him alive the same way it did Julie. The show won’t be the same with Miller dead.


Colony S02 E07: Free Radicals

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) is between a rock and a hard ass…his partner Bob Burke (Toby Huss) as they try to track down a new Resistance Group called the Red Hand.

Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) tries to mend fences by inviting the sneaky cult liaison, Lindsey, back into her home after she convinces Broussard to crack the file that she stole from her sister. While this is going on, Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) is brought deeper into Maya’s group.

The Red Hand

This group uses terroristic means to get their point across and they don’t much care who gets hurt.


Frankie Brun (Lyndon Smith) pulls off a successful bombing of the Green Zone that kills not only the Red Hats but innocent civilians. But, before we get too judgmental about her actions, remember they are trying to take back their planet from the aliens.


Stuck with Burke, the partner from hell, Will has to watch his back even when they investigate Frankie’s family. After finding Frankie and her team, Burke then tortures her during an interrogation. She doesn’t talk and is able to get to her suicide pill before Burke can finish the interrogation. Bennett reprimands both Will and Burke. If they fail at the next assignment; they’re both toast.


Bram is playing a double spy in this episode. His little quickie with Maya was an incentive for him to steal Snyder’s access card. Bram tells Snyder about a possible planned escape. What Bram doesn’t know is Maya might be part of the Red Hand. Bram goes with Maya into the warehouse and opens one of the pods.


Why are people being shipped off world? What is that green goo that poor woman choked on? We don’t know because Jenkins interferes. While Maya sets the timer for the bomb, Morales saves Bram from Jenkins.


Holy Fireball! Bram is heartbroken to learn that Maya was on that cargo ship that blew to smithereens before it cleared the bloc. But, the big news is that Broussard has cracked the code on that file. It seems that there is a steady decline in the LA bloc population. This recording, which matches the ones from the fourth manned mission to the moon, is a countdown to extinction.


When Katie wants to start working with the resistance again, Will is on board this time. But, they’ll have to move fast because they only have two years, three months and nine days to get away from the aliens.

Like I said at the beginning, when you’re lucky enough to have two great science fiction series on every week, you stayed tuned in! See you next week.

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