Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” New Best Friends

20 Feb


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Team Rick was surrounded by a new gang. Who are they? What do they want? Who’s the spikey dude? And, why is Rick smiling? We meet a new community and they’re meaner than a junk yard dog…but maybe, they hate Negan as much as Rick does. Will they join forces with the other communities that are trying to defeat the Saviors? Find out after the jump.


Gaven is a Savior, but he’s not that much of an ass wipe as the other saviors. He seems to respect Ezekiel and the people of the Kingdom. Jarod is another matter altogether. He has a gun and he wants Richard’s gun, too. Angers flare and Morgan steps in, but he loses his Aikido staff to Jarod. Will Morgan keep his cool or will he finally admit that sometimes killing is the only answer?


In one of the most shocking revelations of this episode we learn that Richard is so ready to cause a war that he is even willing to sacrifice Carol’s life. Silly rabbit! He made the mistake of telling Daryl his plans. Daryl tells Richard if anything happens to Carol, Negan will be the least of his problems.

Mad Max Walker

Who the hell are these people? The Scavengers can barely speak in whole sentences and the leader looks like Alice (Milla Jovovich) from Resident Evil. The Scavengers don’t seem to know about Negan, but they know that they’re hungry and that’s why they’ve captured Gabe and the food. They didn’t know how to get the food from the boat, so they waited and waited until someone did it for them.


Not bad for a group of junk yard crazies. A scuffle takes place but ends when Gabe pulls a knife on Tamiel…the boot person who was spying on Rick and Aaron and was in the car with Gabe. When Rick asks these crazies to join in the battle against Negan, their leader, Jadis, brings Rick to the up, up, up, then throws him down, down, down into a ditch to fight Mr. Spikey, the Mad Max Walker aka Winslow.


Jadis and her people have been stuck in that junk yard ever since the apocalypse began. They work with a hive mentality; think Borg! They get their clothing and accessories from the junk yard. They desperately need food, but most of all they want guns…lots of guns. Rick convinces them to fight and makes a new friend. Why was Rick smiling even though he was surrounded by the Scavengers? He knew deep down that enemies make the best friends and that Gabe is faithful to the team.


Morgan kept his promise. He did not tell Rick or Daryl where she was…but Daryl learned about Carol from Richard.


The scene when Carol first opens the door to find Ezekiel and his men outside was funny, especially, because Jerry (the new fan favorite) had a fresh baked Cobbler for her. Carol needs to be by herself. She has, in all ways, become a hermit. But, when she opens that door the second time and finds Daryl standing there…I lost it.


Sometimes a coward steps up to the bat and regains everyone’s faith in him. Gabe has been the black sheep of the group for so long that it was refreshing to see Seth Gilliam’s character given a break. Now when Seth goes to the Comic-con people won’t stand in line to tell him how much they hate him.


Sometimes, people have to survive anyway they can. Unlike the other communities, the Scavengers have adapted to a most militaristic lifestyle to survive. They think and act as a hive and because of this…they will probably be around long after the other communities have died out except for one little problem. They don’t know how to grown their own food. They need Rick as much as he needs them. I like Jadis who is played deliciously by Pollyanna McIntosh. She’s smart and she’s lethal.

Sometimes you lie to someone you love. Daryl and Carol have gone through too many deaths; lost too many friends. Carol feels guilty about the killing she’s done. If she kills again, she might lose her identity; becoming the very monster that she despises. Daryl understood her scars because he’s been there. He lied to Carol. He told her that everyone was alright. It was the right thing to do.


Sometimes a peaceful man won’t fight no matter what the stakes are. Morgan refuses to involve Ezekiel and the Kingdom in a war…but what if that war comes to him. What will he do?

Wild animals, like Shiva, are sometimes caged to protect themselves and others…but sometimes, wild animals carry a crossbow. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. See you then, my little walker snacks.

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