Gilbert Speaks On Frogs & Where to Find Theme

20 Feb

frog 6.png

Philadelphia has the best museums and, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is one of my favorites. Of course, I might be a bit prejudiced about the Academy because I was honored to work there for many years until I retired. Whenever I get a break from my writing, psychic events and ghost investigations, I try to visit the museum. This Sunday, I had the pleasure of taking my two little buddies to see the Frog Exhibit. Was the place hopping with Froggy delight? Find out after the jump.

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors

I love frogs…in fact…I have several huge American bull frogs living in my pond; the biggest of the frogs goes by the name of KONG! This frog is big! When I heard that the Academy was hosting an event about life frogs from around the world, I had to see if any of their frogs were as big as KONG. There was an African bull frog that was the size of a dinner plate and I have to admit a bit larger than KONG!


Iza and her brother, Dylan, were excited to learn everything about the poison dart frogs. They even had a chance to get a photo with the frog keeper and one of the toads.


The exhibit offers so much information on the different live frogs that are featured inside gorgeous habitats, and there are plenty of interactive educational stations. My buddies gave this exhibit an A+…and…we even had time to do some Frog arts & crafts on the second floor.



There is no way you can visit the Academy without visiting the Butterfly Exhibit. Once again, Iza and Dylan were mesmerized with the natural habitat setting that allowed butterflies from Central and South America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia to fly freely from plant to plant. Dylan gave this exhibit an A+

Dinosaur Hall

How can you not love the experience of walking into Dinosaur Hall to be greeted by a huge T-Rex? Both Dylan and Iza were excited to learn about these creatures from the Mesozoic past. Hadrosaurus foulkii was their favorite because it was found in New Jersey.


But, what’s a visit to Dinosaur Hall without a trip to the Big Dig? Both of my buddies were quite happy to spend the rest of their childhood in the dig. Only the offer of a tasty lunch at the Academy’s café enabled me to pry them away from the dig.

Outside In

Iza and Dylan were thrilled to see another favorite animal: Turtles! The afternoon went by so quickly and there was so much left to see. My buddies want to go back again. I don’t blame them.



It doesn’t matter what age you are, The Academy of Natural Sciences is not only a great learning experience; it is a way to understand and appreciate nature.

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