Gilbert Speaks: Farewell to “The Young Pope:

14 Feb


I am having a hard time writing this review. Not because I didn’t enjoy every blessed minute of watching “The Young Pope” but because I didn’t want this miracle to end. It isn’t often that we are offered such an astonishing show. I didn’t know what to expect about a show that focused on a pope and his church, especially since I’m a renegade Catholic. I’ve become over the years, a person who truly believes in GOD, while also rebelling against all organized religions. Did “The Young Pope” show me another side of the Vatican I knew nothing about? Find out after the jump.

Episode 9

How does the Pope make his decisions? Does he listen to the people, or to the Cardinals? Does he understand that some of the Church’s rules can crush a person’s soul? Jude Law brought to his role as Pope PiusX111 an innocence that made his Lenny both extremely spiritual and cunning as a fox. And, look how easily Lenny tricked us into loving him by using humor and a wink of an eye. Lenny made us love him even when his edicts sent his Cardinals running for cover. All this was accomplished under the skillful direction of Paolo Sorrentino.


The discussion of abortion is a controversial topic and it was refreshing to see how Lenny and Spencer defended their thoughts on the subject with biblical quotes. The two men agree on one point: the importance of life, but Spencer reminds Lenny that when there is an abortion, the woman is as much a victim as the fetus.

It’s one thing to protect the fetus, but how do you handle child abuse after the child is born. How do you handle a pedophile who is Archbishop of New York? I couldn’t understand why Lenny would send the mousy Cardinal Gutierrez to battle this arrogant Archbishop, but we have learned over the ten episodes that Lenny is a good judge of character. Gutierrez was the only man right for the job. Kurtwell’s intent to blackmail the pope backfires and he is led back to the Vatican in disgrace.

The Miracle

Why did Sister Mary and Andrew believe that Lenny was a saint? They witnessed firsthand Lenny’s powers. When Lenny prays to GOD, the Creator listens. You don’t have to be holier than thou to be a saint. You don’t have to be perfect to be a saint. Most saints were royal pains in the butt, but they believed that GOD listened to them. Lenny prayed for his friend’s mother and she was cured. Lenny’s admitting to the miracle helps Cardinal Spencer die in grace.


Lenny wrote love letters to that girl he met so very long ago. Kurtwell intended to use these letters to blackmail the pope, but GOD is very protective of Lenny and the pedophile’s plans backfire. Lenny never mailed those beautiful sonnets but they did become a book that drew many dissenting Catholics back to the church.

Lenny is capable of great love, but sometimes he doesn’t know how to handle this emotion. He cared for Esther and her child, and the photo that Lenny left on the beach of him and baby Pious is a reminder that she is always in his mind.


Chapter 10 Season Finale

Lenny wants to make Gutierrez his advisor, but Gutierrez at first refuses because he is a homosexual and he knows that the Pope despises homosexuality in the church. Gutierrez explains to the Pope the difference between being gay and being a pedophile. All is good and the Pope, we learn, knows everything about everybody. He’s like the Scotland Yard of the Vatican. Sister Mary is given a new assignment. She will take over the school in Africa. She’s replacing the nun who died via Lenny’s prayer to GOD.

Saints and Sinners

Kurtwell, the sinner, is forced to admit what a monster he is. Lenny rewards his honesty with a one way trip to the coldest town on Earth. I’m guessing Lenny is counting on Kurtwell’s fingers freezing up and falling off. Lenny, on the other hand, is no saint when it comes to kids. He scares the shit out of little third graders who are there to meet him when he tells them that they made God cry.


Lenny is urged to visit Guatemalan church to honor a woman who is a possible candidate for sainthood, but instead he wants to go to Venice to find his parents. How can Lenny find God if he can’t find his parents?


Did I tell you that I didn’t want this show to end? I don’t know if there will be a second season. I’ve messaged HBO and Jude Law, but I still don’t know. You see, in the season or series finale…I don’t know which it is….Lenny does see his parents as he gives this beautiful speech on a church balcony in Venice about the young Guatemalan saint.


Lenny was always a heavy smoker and even having GOD’s ear doesn’t protect you for heart disease. Did Lenny really see his parents or was that just an illusion? Lenny was the Pope, but inside he was the eternal child who wanted to be loved. As he falls to the ground, clasping his chest, Lenny sees God and we…see the dreaded words, “The End”

Jude Law should win an Academy Award for his portrayal of Pope Pious X111. It would be blasphemy for him not to. The Young Pope should return for a second season. It would be sacrilegious not to.




2 Responses to “Gilbert Speaks: Farewell to “The Young Pope:”

  1. Jerry C. James February 18, 2017 at 1:16 am #

    Very well said, I was uncertain what to expect. I was hooked. I actually find myself saddened that the show is over.


    • gilbertspeaks February 18, 2017 at 1:56 pm #

      I know there is a second season for France, but I hope we get it too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Thank you for visiting my blog

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