Gilbert Speaks on “The Walk” S07 E09

13 Feb


It seems like forever since we last saw our friends and foes of “The Walking Dead” universe. Luckily I had “The Young Pope” to keep me occupied and of course we had those dealers of Alternative Facts to keep us distracted. But, boy oh boy, did I miss this show and all my friends. There are five communities that we’re aware of, and Team Rick will need everyone’s help to take Negan down. The game begins.

Rock in The Road

Holy Confession Box! What the hell is Pastor Gabe doing? Why is he stealing supplies from Alexandria, and where is he going? Is Gabe going yellow belly on us? I hope not, but while Gabe is doing whatever he’s doing…Ricky or Richie is trying to get Gregory to join the battle against Negan.


Gregory is a real ball breaker with calling people by the wrong name. Gregory is one passive aggressive man, because he’s a man without a spine. He’s weak and he doesn’t like being put on the spot about fighting Negan. That’s okay. Bertie and the rest of Hilltop want to fight. Jesus arranges a date for Rick.

The King and I

This is the first time that Rick and the others have heard of the Kingdom. When Jesus takes Rick, Daryl, Carl, Michonne, Rosita, Tara and Sasha to the Kingdom, they are met by men on horses. I love horses and to see that the Kingdom has been able to keep these beautiful creatures alive in a world where very few animals run free, is a testament to Ezekiel’s successful reign over his people.


Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is a good man and he worries about his people. He makes sure that everyone inside his community is prepared for the possibility of war without wanting to go to war. This is what we want from our leaders; walk softly but carry a big stick and it doesn’t hurt to have a huge tiger at your side. I loved the reaction of Team Rick’s meeting King Ezekiel. It’s scenes like this that ease the memory of the very first episode of this season. I’m so happy that Ezekiel has Jerry as his sidekick. I absolutely love Jerry.

It was good to see Morgan and Rick together again, but Morgan has not changed and Rick has to respect that. Unlike Richard, who is ready to fight Negan, Morgan still doesn’t want to fight. Will Ezekiel risk the uneasy peace the Saviors allow him to have to help Rick? Unfortunately for Team Rick, Ezekiel respects Morgan’s qualms about a war and Rick’s tale about the rock in the road fell on deaf ears.


Out of all the people on the team, Ninja Carol (Melissa McBride) is my favorite. I truly understand this lady. I’ve watched her evolve over the seven seasons from abused wife to Queen Bee. I was confused as to why Morgan told Rick that Carol was gone. She’s not as we learn when Benjamin is sent by Ezekiel to check on her. Carol has made quite an impression on the king. Maybe it has to do with all that fruit. Carol wants to be alone, but that might change after she learns what happened to Abe, Glenn and the others? She is our Ace up the sleeve, and when the shit does hits the fan, we want to see Carol on the front lines.


Tonight was a feel good episode and we truly needed to see Rick back in control. It’s not easy to be a hero…in fact…it sucks because everyone depends on you when all you want to do is take your kids and hide somewhere. It was very interesting to see that Rosita has all this hostility towards Sasha, but I’m thinking it’s due to grief.


The road block scene was awesome for two reasons. The team is slowly building up their cache of weapons even if it’s only dynamite. It was cool to see those amazing special effects with Rick and Michonne’s walker herd slice and dice.

Rick is going to fight Negan one way or another…with or without King Ezekiel’s help, but for now Daryl is given sanctuary at the Kingdom and it’s a good thing because Simon and his men are looking for Daryl. We are left with a few mysteries that hopefully will be explained on episode 10…where is Gabe… who are the newcomers who just captured Team Rick…why is Rick smiling.


I’ll see you next week my little walker snacks and maybe we’ll find out who the hell is wearing the metal suit of spikes.


2 Responses to “Gilbert Speaks on “The Walk” S07 E09”

  1. lucymoses February 14, 2017 at 1:15 pm #

    Not only was the show terrific, but the talking dead after was so funny.

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