Gilbert Speaks on “Monkey Business”

11 Feb


I had planned on knocking out a few more chapters for the last book of my Roof Oasis Series, Warriors in the Mist, along with doing two interviews for Biff Bam Pop on the science fiction books I’ve been reviewing…but sometimes life throws you a curve ball. My plans were changed because of a double ear infection which I am now nursing myself through with the help of antibiotics and lots of hot apple cider.

The good news, at least for my blog, is that I’m stuck on the sofa and watching lots of television. I had the pleasure of watching Monkey Business this morning. Did the film help me forget my fever and chills? Grab your thermometer and find out after the jump.


Monkey Business is a 1952 comedy that was directed by Howard Hawks and stars Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn and Marilyn Monroe. But, please don’t confuse this film with the 1931 Marx Brothers adventure with the same title.


Cary Grant, in my opinion, is one of those rare gems who can play any role exquisitely; be it comedy or drama. No matter what film Cary Grant is in, I will watch it, and I am never disappointed. In this film, Cary Grant plays the role of Dr. Barnaby Fulton. Dr. Fulton is a research chemist who is working on an elixir of youth. Dr. Fulton is helped with his research by his wife, Edwina (Ginger Rogers), and his assistant Dr. Kitzel (Henri Letondal). There is one more assistant that lives in the lab and decides to do its own experiment…and this is when the foolery begins. What the chimpanzee accidently concocted makes anyone who drinks the formula act like silly school children.


As in all of Cary Grant’s comedies, funny antics are involved and Dr. Fulton even gets to flirt with Mr. Oxly’s (Charles Coburn) secretary who is played by a rather innocent, although sexy as ever, Marilyn Monroe. The give and take between Grant and Monroe while Dr. Fulton is under the effects of the elixir is priceless as are the scenes with the chimpanzee mixing up the beakers. Let’s just say that this chimp took away some of the spotlight in the film from its human co-stars.


Monkey Business is one of many films that Cary Grant and Howard Hawks worked on together. We even get to hear Hawks’ voice in the beginning of the film. The film does a great job of showing how differently adults and children react to a situation. The fight scenes between Grant and Rogers while they are under the influence of the elixir are downright hilarious.


If you enjoy screwball comedy, then you need to watch Monkey Business. It didn’t cure my ear infection, but it sure as hell made my day a lot brighter.




4 Responses to “Gilbert Speaks on “Monkey Business””

  1. charsmoviereviews February 11, 2017 at 9:19 pm #

    Oh this movie is such a treat! Ginger, Marilyn, Charles Coburn, and Cary Grant – what a cast! Hope you are feeling better soon! Hot apple cider is a good choice to drink when you are sick.

    • gilbertspeaks February 12, 2017 at 1:48 pm #

      I find that I enjoy the classics better than some of the films coming out now. Thank you for reading my blog

  2. Dawn Byrne February 12, 2017 at 4:08 pm #

    Sounds like something my hubby would like. Take care.

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