Gilbert Speaks on “The Young Pope” E06

2 Feb


Separation of Church and State! On this episode of “The Young Pope” we get to see firsthand why it is extremely dangerous for any country to have a state religion. Will Lenny persuade the Italian Prime Minister to obey the Vatican in all things? Find out after the jump.


A telling meme to what is happening in the church, the episode opens with a Cardinal dying while eating breakfast. Instead of performing CPR, the other Cardinals continue eating because as Caltanissetta explains, “Our church is going to die of old age.” Apparently some time has passed between the events of episode 5 and now.


Ozolins is in Alaska saying mass outdoors in the freezing cold and Gutierrez (Javier Camara) is now a Cardinal. There is a bond between the timid Gutierrez and Lenny that is almost as close as the relationship between Sister Mary and Lenny. I get the feeling that Lenny thinks of Gutierrez as a younger brother. He is trusting Gutierrez to handle one of the most controversial plights the church has had to face since the Spanish Inquisition; child abuse committed by ordained priests. Is Lenny’s trust well placed? We wonder as Gutierrez seems quite unequipped to even cross a street safely. Bon Voyage dear Gutierrez…we wish you success.

Episode six offers some hot sex scenes as only HBO can offer when we watch Dussolier in a threesome with a woman and another man. Apparently, celibacy is considered a heavy cloak when not confined to the Vatican.


Voiello is stressing out over the loss of church money and prestige because of the fundamentalist sects popping out all over the place. When he asks Lenny if he feels responsibility for a few of his more risky decisions, Lenny’s reply is a decisive, “NO.”


Although she and her husband are thought to be sterile, Esther gives birth to a baby boy. Now we can say it was a miracle brought on by Lenny’s prayers to the Holy Virgin Mary, or we can say it was due to Esther extramarital scamps between the sheets with Father Valente. I’ll leave it up to you to decide…maybe it was a little bit of both. Lenny is most human when he is out of his element. And the scene with Lenny and the child is both touching and comical. After giving Esther a gift for baby Pius (a bible belonging to Thomas Jefferson) Lenny gets to hold the baby.



“My hands only know how to bless things,” Lenny tells Esther and her husband, but after commenting on how good babies smell, Lenny drops the long awaited miracle. I actually don’t remember what was said after that moment because the Pope dropped the baby! Luckily for little Pius, the hospital bed was nearby and he was safely returned to Esther’s protective arms. Lenny’s reaction to his papal clumsiness is absolutely fabulous.

Cardinal Dussolier

Poor Andrew has been trying to understand his friend since childhood. While Lenny is most often on some other level of consciousness, Andrew remains loyal to his childhood friend. I was surprised to see Andrew as a willing participant of a threesome sex for all, and also surprised to see how lax he was with church laws when it came to the crime bosses in Honduras, but in the end, Andrew is always loyal to Lenny…but for how long?


When the Pope tells Andrew to root out all the homosexual priests, Andrew finds himself questioning his loyalty to church and pope.

Non Expedit

Lenny might not know how to hold a baby, but he does know how to hold his own with a liberal Prime Minister. Although the baby dropping scene helps to humanize Lenny, the meeting with the Prime Minister proves without a doubt that Lenny is the poster child for a calculating politician. When the Prime Minister balks at Lenny’s strict demands, Lenny then pulls out the fifth Ace from his sleeve; Non Expedit. The Pope can give the order to the faithful to withhold their votes.


Does the Prime Minister back down? Hell no. He goes right to the television station and announces his intent to go forth with his agenda.


Is Lenny a saint? When you study the lives of the saints, you learn that most of them were belligerent and obnoxious in their fanaticism to the Lord. In other words…they were royally pains in the belfry. Lenny does appear to answer to a higher advisor, but his unwillingness to bend will cost him friends and gain him more enemies than he can handle.


Dussolier (Scott Shepherd) had to turn away a young man from the priesthood. He did it because he is loyal to Lenny, but Angelo Sanchez’s leap from the roof might be the wakeup call that Dussolier needs to stand up to the Pope.

While Voiello fends off questions from an Italian police captain on the whereabouts of Tonino Pettola…the man with the stigmata, Lenny slam-dunks an order of monks who want to break off from the church.

As much as I love this conservative Pope, I’m cheering for the liberal Prime Minister (Stefano Accorsi) to win this ball game because the most dangerous thing a country can do to its people is to allow any religion to rule the land….


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