Gilbert Speaks On “The Young Pope” E05

1 Feb


Is Lenny a saint or is he one hell of a negotiator? On this week’s episode of “The Young Pope” we do learn a few important facts that may help us understand one of the coolest popes to ever grace a television series…if only the real pope had this much chutzpah. But, would we welcome such an outspoken prophet? I’ll let you decide after the jump.


The only chink in Lenny’s ( Jude Law) armor is his angst over his abandonment. Why exactly did Lenny’s mother and father leave him at that orphanage those many years ago? Through a dream sequence, we watch an adult Lenny chase after his hippy parents only to stand on the dock and watch as they sail away. The sadness on Lenny’s face carries over to the opening credit where Pope Pius X111 walks through the sequence without the cool music…an omen of what was to come.


Lenny is busy gathering information on his Cardinals as they are just as busy spying on him. Tomasso the Confessor spits out the weekly rumors and the biggie for this week is Esther. Voiello has threatened the young woman to entrap the pope. While Lenny sits in silent prayer, Esther, knowing that her adulterous affair with one of the priests will be made known to her husband if she fails in her mission to temp Lenny, takes a seat next to the pope. Esther is a beautiful woman and I held my breath when she unbuttoned her blouse and put Lenny’s hand on her tummy. As she said the Hail Mary, Voiello’s spies snapped photos. I really thought Lenny had been royally screwed when Esther moved his hand to her breast…but Lenny not only shocked Esther with his reasons to remain pure, but also Voiello.


I find myself both admiring and hating this religious version of a KGB spy. Voiello controls all the other Cardinals because he knows their deepest and darkest secrets, but he also loves his church and wants to see it succeed. When Lenny tells Voiello that he knows all his secrets including his plan to have Esther cause a scandal, Voiello begs for mercy. Lenny is not in the forgiving mood.


As hard as Lenny is on his enemies, he’s just as much a ball breaker to his friends. Lenny tells Gutierrez that he’s aware of his drinking problem and his other secret (which we are left in the dark about), but that won’t change his mind about sending him to handle the child abuse case. Gutierrez is something like the Joe Biden of the Vatican Universe. I really like Gutierrez and hope he finds a backbone because he’ll need it for that assignment.


The bond between these two men comes from a shared heartbreaking childhood. Andrew’s parents were dead and Lenny’s parents dumped him…but Andrew saw what they looked like when Lenny was dropped off. It seems that Andrew is more equipped to handle the death of his parents than Lenny is to accept the fact that he was abandoned.


Andrew and Lenny escape from the Vatican for a peaceful unsupervised romp through Rome and meet a prostitute who can prove that GOD exists. She takes a photo of Lenny’s eyes and this really spooks him. They are met at the gates by Sister Mary. We are left to wonder about the mysterious miracle that Lenny performed as a child. Is this why Sister Mary tells everyone that Lenny is a saint?


Lenny’s explanation to Esther on why he could never give into his urges or give into his attraction for her is quite simple. He is a coward. He fears love and commitment to another person because it will only bring pain. His love for GOD comes with no strings attached. Lenny then tells Esther that this is true for all priests and nuns. There is a connection between Lenny and the innocent Esther. There is a form of love and respect between them, but I would say on Esther’s part there is also awe.


Voiello is also in awe of Lenny. He had enough photos of Lenny’s hand on Esther’s bare breast to start the scandal of the century. He had enough leverage to blackmail the pope, but he didn’t because he realized that Lenny was above all temptations. Voiello is a crooked politician wearing a religious collar, but he recognizes a saint when he sees one. Shamed about his activities, he gives the flash drive to Sister Mary for safe keeping.


Why did Lenny wait so long before giving that much awaited speech to the Cardinals? He was waiting for the return of the Papal Tiara that had somehow made its way to America. Dressed in royal Papal garments, Lenny and his throne are pompously carried into the meeting to the LMFAO song. Thank you HBO! Lenny is one cool pope and he has a message for his Cardinals. He is a fanatic for GOD and he will only accept fanatics into the church. There will be no negotiations. He then sticks out his foot to be kissed…Silence…Outrage…Mutiny?


Lenny never blinked and the message is clear. This young Pope holds the reigns on the church with an unyielding grip. As Lenny remembers the face of his mother, Spencer removes his hat and kisses his foot. He is followed by Andrew, then Voiello (with a little encouragement from Lenny) which is comical to watch.

Is Lenny a saint? We know he’s one hell of a negotiator and we know he can be an annoying ball breaker, but there is certainly a mystery surrounding this young and handsome man. Did we and Esther witness a miracle? I’m damn sure we did and it’s because of Lenny’s faith. The flower signifies Esther’s pleas for a child have been answered by GOD. Ludivine Sagnier is absolutely beautiful as Esther.


The episode ends with a visit to a self-professed prophet. Do you remember the man with the stigmata and his claim of receiving messages from the Blessed Mother? Imagine this man’s surprise to find Pope Pius and his posse waiting in his home. They have a message for the prophet. Voiello tells the man, “You’ve busted our balls.” The Pope has spoken and the world better buckle up for the ride!

Stay tuned for my review of episode 06.


2 Responses to “Gilbert Speaks On “The Young Pope” E05”

  1. Victoria Marie Lees February 1, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

    Marie, you are amazing. You really get into the depth of a show. More power to you, my dear. I love this new blog you have. All the best to you!

    • gilbertspeaks February 1, 2017 at 11:41 pm #

      Thank you, Victoria. This is my pulp culture blog and I am so happy that you like it

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