Gilbert Speaks On “Colony” and “The Young Pope”

25 Jan


Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other…gold. This little ditty also goes for my two favorite television series. I’m really enjoying “The Young Pope” and I’m also enjoying the second season of “Colony” We are finally learning what happened when the aliens took over Earth….which would actually be a good thing considering the tweeting war between POTUS and the rest of humanity regarding Alternative Facts. Join me as I give a short review of the latest episodes of both shows.

Colony: Somewhere Out There S02E02

Via flashback, we learn that in 1969 a musical beacon from the dark side of the moon was picked up by astronauts. Earth replied with a funky tune of their own, and unwittingly invited the big invasion. Back in the present, Homeland’s Jennifer McMahon (Kathleen Rose Perkins) is spying on the Bowman’s home via hidden cameras. Jennifer also threatens Katie for Broussard’s whereabouts.


Alan Snyder has been demoted and is now working at the prison camp where Bram is a prisoner. While Will is searching for his son, Charlie, Katie is desperately trying to get Bram back home, but her sister Maddie is either unwilling or unable to help her. We’re not sure if Maddie is now a true believer in the Alien’s World Order or if she is so in love with Noland (Adrian Pasdar) that she puts him before family. Upset that Katie confronted Noland, Maddie goes off on her sister. Later, she takes an oath to serve the aliens.

Katie is so involved with getting Bram out of the work camp that she doesn’t pay attention to crazy Grace who is busy brainwashing Katie’s daughter to love and obey all aliens.

Will Bowman

Will is able to get his ex-partner, Devon, to connect him with a monster named Solomon. To see his son, Charlie, Will has to capture a preschool teacher who is on the bounty list for Solomon. She will be sent to the Factory. I’m not sure what happens at the factory, but I’m sure we’ll soon find out.


Solomon is the king of the streets and he uses young children to rob for him. Think ISIS. The children, who are visibly malnourished and filthy, are severely punished if they do anything to anger Solomon. Charlie has been mistreated by Solomon and is afraid to stay the night with Will. The next morning, Will learns what a first class bastard Solomon really is.


War is hell, but war with aliens is a living nightmare. When all hope is gone, people react in ways that go against their nature. Will kills Solomon and all his men…but will it save Charlie? Like I said in the beginning of this review, I am really enjoying the second season of Colony and, I can’t wait to find out more about the aliens. Episode 3 is on Thursday night on USA


The Young Pope Episode 03

Jude Law is amazing as his Holiness Pius X111. Holy hell has broken loose after Lenny’s scorching papal address. The Cardinals are all a flutter with the backlash from the global news. Lenny (like someone at the White House who we won’t mention by name) believes that the world sucks and only he can fix it…at least Lenny doesn’t use twitter.

Lenny knows that he was selected because of his youth, looks and, because the Vatican honchos had hoped that his charismatic personality would win back the fleeing lay people. They were wrong. Lenny is angry, but is it because he never got over his abandonment by his parents? This is what his mentor, Spencer, believes. What we witness in this episode is the calculating knowingness that Lenny possesses, but we are left confused because Lenny seems so connected with his GOD. Is it a trick or is this man as religious as he claims.


Lenny attacks his Secretary of State, Cardinal Voiello and even threatens to depose him. It laymen’s terms it means it can kick Voiello out of the Vatican and take away his title of Cardinal. Voiello is not a man to scare easily and he surrounds himself with willing henchmen.

We do learn the identity of that mystery woman who stands outside of the Vatican at all times of the day and night. She is the wife of a Swiss Guard. Her name is Esther (Ludivine Sagnier) and she loved Lenny’s papal speech. This good news causes Lenny to faint in her arms.


Sister Mary is given the job of Press Secretary, but unlike a certain person from the White House, Sister Mary doesn’t rely on Alternative Facts when she gives one of the shortest press meetings in Papal history.


The war is on with Lenny and the Vatican Cardinals. Voiello has begun his counter attack. Even Sister Mary is worried about Lenny’s sanity. There is only one person that Lenny feels comfortable sharing his most private thoughts. Monsignor Gutierrez (Javier Camara) is a saintly and loyal friend and the perfect advisor to Lenny. Gutierrez listened to Lenny’s tale about his love-fling before entering the seminary. But, I’m worried that Voiello may have bullied this secret out of this gentle advisor. I hope not.

The two things that stood out in this episode were:

The kick-ass opening as we watch Lenny walk past a wall of Renaissance art while a blazing meteor scorches its way through all the paintings to the music of Devlin’s instrumental of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower.

Lenny’s confession to Gutierrez that he might not believe in God was the needed ending to this episode. Lenny is on a quest to find God, and maybe, he will drag the church with him. Whatever happens in this series, Jude Law is a breath of Papal fresh air and I love it


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