Gilbert Speaks on Colony S02 E01: Eleven.Thirteen

15 Jan


Colony is a USA Network science fiction drama created by Carlton Cuse and stars Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies. I was hooked on this series after watching the first season and I’ve been telling all my friends to watch the show. On the first season we were introduced to the main characters, but when we did meet them it was a year after the invasion. The aliens responsible for the invasion stayed out of sight, but their control was always in the forefront. As in any invasion you have the collaborators and the resistance groups, but sometimes these divisions pit family member against family member. In this episode we finally get to witness the invasion via a flashback.

The Bowman Family

Treat your loved ones like each day is your last. Day one of the invasion begins like every other day. Will (Josh Holloway) is worried about his partner, Devon. She may be a dirty cop. How else would she get that down payment on the new home?


While Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) prepares breakfast for their three children, Devon arrives to tell Will that several military and government VIPs in the LA district have vanished. While Will and Devon head over to the home of a Lockheed engineer, Katie drops the kids off at school before heading over to her place of business; a bar called the Yonk.

Institute of Global Advancement

Before he was a Provost for the aliens, Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) was a lowly purchasing agent for a local high school. But there is something about him that makes him a desirable worker bee. Maybe it’s his knack for embezzling funds from the school or maybe it’s his eagerness to throw others from the train….Alan is able to save his daughter Cynthia while the agents from Global Advancement eliminate his wife. We meet one of the spokespeople for the aliens, Helena Goodwin. It seems that Alan is one of many people being recruited by the aliens to work for them. He does meet one of the aliens, but we don’t know what happened to make him want to work for them…fear?…greed?


Eric Broussard (Tory Kittles) has just returned home from one of many military tours of duty to visit his ailing mother who is on dialysis. When none of the TV sets or computers are working, Eric becomes righteously suspicious. It isn’t long before the dog doo hits the fans and an EMP attack (Electro Magnetic Pulse) turns off power everywhere. Eric’s soldier spidey senses tell him something is wrong, but he is unable to warn his army buddies before the VFW hall is obliterated.


After receiving a call from Will, Katie rushes to get her children out of school and to the Yonk. Will and Devon quickly realize that things may be much worse than first expected after finding the Lockheed engineer holed up in a panic room. Oh, did I mention that the agents from Global Advancement killed his maid?


Katie was able to pick up little Gracie (Isabella Crovetti), but all traffic comes to a halt because of the EMP. Katie is unable to get her middle child, Charlie (Jacob Buster). Katie is able to warn her sister Maddie (Amanda Righetti) who later brings her son to the Yonk to hide.


Will rides a bike towards Santa Monica when those giant walls from season one coming crashing down. The aliens are in total control, but this was only possible because of certain humans benefitting from the joint collaboration. People like Helena Goodwin and Alan Snyder were willing to betray their own race.


We do hop back to present day to see that Maddie was able to see her oldest son, Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) after he was arrested in the season one finale. Will was accidently responsible for this screw-up, but he’s not around to help because he is in Santa Monica searching for his young son, Charlie. After being jumped by a gang, he makes his way to Devon’s house.

This series is good for several reasons: excellent script and excellent cast, but what makes this series really work is that while the aliens’ immersion is keenly felt in this series, they remain oppressively hidden in the shadows.



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