Gilbert Speaks on Leah Remini’s Expose of Scientology

14 Jan


I was born and raised into the Roman Catholic Church, but as I became more aware of who I was and where I stood in this existence we call life, I found myself pulling away from organized religion in order to truly connect with GOD. My feelings of organized religion of all faiths and beliefs are this: Their desire to control our minds is detrimental to the relationship that we, by nature, crave to have with our GOD. No religion is free of failure…or scandal…none!


Scientology was the “religion” created by author L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) in 1954. A well-known and respected science fiction and fantasy writer, L. Ron Hubbard began his career as a writer for pulp fiction magazines.


Hubbard published close to 600 books, stories and articles during his lifetime, but people know him more so to his publication and foundation of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Dianetics used a counseling technique known as auditing that helped an individual recall traumatic events in their past which then led to the process of clearing: the release from psychosomatic ills and painful emotions.

When the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners began proceedings against the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation for teaching medicine without a license in 1951, Hubbard created Scientology as a religion that was vehemently opposed psychiatry and psychology. Hubbard formed a ship based Sea Organization (Sea Org) which operated three ships: Diana, Athena and the flagship, Apollo.

The religion considered a cult by many governments also believed in reincarnation and an alien ruler called Xenu, who according to Scientology brought billions of people to Earth… but the whole story sounds like a bad Space Opera to me.

Leah Remini

I mostly know Leah Remini from her role in the TV series King of Queens. Leah is an actress, comedian and producer.


Leah was a follower of Scientology since the age of nine. She has since left the organization and has become its most serious critic. She wrote about her experiences in Scientology in her bestselling memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

The Series

Scientology and the Aftermath is a documentary on A&E. It features eight episodes that go into detail how much of a cult Scientology really is. Each well written and validated episode is an hour long. We, the viewers, follow Remini and other members who have successfully and safely escaped the military like compounds of the church.


We are told stories of abuse, physical attacks, coerced abortions, and the harassment and shunning of people, who have in the eyes of Scientology’s new leader David Miscavige, failed in their duties to properly serve the church. These poor unfortunates are considered “Fair Game” and can be punished by all and any means possible.


Miscavige, who calls himself the Pope of Scientology, is the leader of a church that requires its followers to sign a billion year contract. He replaced Hubbard in 1986 after Hubbard’s death.


Like I said in the beginning of this article, I feel that most organized religions are only interested in the control of the populace and the wealth it gains from that control. Most religions are guilty of some sort of cult mentality, but none have come close to the troubling rumors we hear about Scientology. Are they true?


Lee Remini’s series is a documentary that goes after the tax exempt multi-billion dollar church of Scientology. It is a modern day version of the biblical David and Goliath. It is a story told by Scientology’s many survivors and it is shocking. You can catch the series on A&E on demand.



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